When you are looking to enhance the safety at your athletic facilities, you need to do your research and consider a variety of different factors before you make your final purchase. In addition to the safety of your athletes, staff members, and coaches, you need to consider the layout of your athletic facility, as well as how you want your design to look. With all these factors in mind, you need to set a budget and consult with an expert to determine what choices are best for your facilities. Here, our team at Fieldwallpads.com will discuss what you need to take into account before purchasing wall pads.

Are The Wall Pads Designed To Prevent Injuries?

One of the primary things you need to consider before you purchase wall pads is their safety specifications. While each wall pad needs to meet specific safety standards set by governing bodies, it is crucial that you also research wall padding companies that go above the norm to ensure the safety of their customers. When you choose our products at Fieldwallpads.com, not only are you getting products that meet each standard, you are also getting products that we design to be a step above the rest. With our own independent testing, we can guarantee that our products are state-of-the-art and will reduce the likelihood of concussions and other serious injuries.

Can The Wall Pads Be Customized For My Facilities?

Another important factor you need to consider when shopping for wall pads is whether they can be customized for your athletic facilities. The wall pads you choose need to cover all potentially dangerous areas of your facilities, and they need to be able to be attached to any surface. At Fieldwallpads.com, each of our wall pads and other safety products can be customized to attach to any surface. We design wall pads for dugouts, fences, walls, bleachers, stages, and more. Each of our products can be attached to several different surfaces, such as:

●        Bricks

●        Metal

●        Wood

●        And more

In addition to being customizable for any surface, our wall pads can also be cut to the exact specifications of your facility. The wall pads and other products will cover all surfaces they need to, and they will have cutouts to match areas of your facilities that include specific places like fire extinguishers, outlets, door handles, and more.

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