Softball Field Padding for Your School offers wall padding for softball fields in colleges, universities and high schools. We design and manufacture custom padding that enhances your school’s image and boosts your brand. We are trusted by some of the biggest schools in college softball today. Coaches and sports administrators choose our wall padding for their unmatched durability and rugged construction.

When you install our wall padding for your softball field, you can feel confident that our products will last a long time. To find out more about our wall padding or schedule a consultation, contact us today. We’re here to help you with your wall padding needs.

Why Choose Our Products?

  • Reliable. You can depend on our products to perform well and hold up in intense athletic environments like softball fields.
  • Safe to Use. Our products are safe to use and protect players.
  • Versatile. You can choose from a wide range of design options and dimensions, which are all designed to give you the perfect product.
  • Efficient Service. Our team is dedicated to producing your wall pads quickly so you can install them just in time for the upcoming softball season.

Innovative Design & Printing

At, we are always looking for innovative ways to improve our design and printing process. We utilize the most advanced printing equipment in the industry to create stunning designs on our wall pads.

We understand that your school logo, colors, or mascot are a part of who you are and what your school culture is all about. Therefore, we want to design wall pads that are perfect for your organization. Tell us what you are looking for and let us partner with you to produce stylish wall pads for your softball team and your fans.

Experienced & Knowledgeable Team

Our experts have several decades of combined industry experience. From sports and facilities to padding, printing, and customer service, each person on our staff has the training and knowledge necessary to take care of all your needs. Everything we do is geared toward giving you 100% satisfaction with all areas of our business. Feel free to ask any questions or address any concerns, and we’ll be happy to provide you answers and solutions.

Place Your Order for Softball Wall Padding Today

At, we are dedicated to finding innovative ways to help you maintain a safe sports environment in your gym or on your field. From wall pads to floor mats, to bleacher enclosures, we make it easy for you to design your wall pads and instill in your organization a sense of pride for your athletes who entertain and inspire hundreds and thousands of people week after week.

To find out more about our products, place an order, or schedule a consultation, call us at 800-257-6405. You can also send a message on our contact page.

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