As a coach or administrator, it is your responsibility to ensure your athletes and fans are protected during sporting events. There can be collisions in many sports. However, certain sports are more dangerous than others and need to be treated as such. When collisions happen, you want your athletes to be protected with the best safety equipment available. At, we have spent years doing our own research and independent testing to ensure we are constantly innovating and discovering what foams work best to prevent injuries. Here, our team will discuss which areas of your athletic facilities need to be padded for the protection of your athletes.


Above all else, you need to pad the walls of your athletic facilities properly. When you think of harsh collisions in basketball, volleyball, baseball, and more, you typically think of an athlete being knocked out of bounds or trying to make a play out of bounds, and they hit a wall or fence. However, by providing a barrier for your athletes, you can reduce the risk of serious injuries, such as concussions, strains, breaks, and more. At, we are constantly doing independent research to ensure the products we suggest will protect your athletes. To learn more about our wall pads, contact us today.


While you may think of bleacher curtains as only necessary to prevent people from walking and playing under the bleachers, they can also improve athlete safety. If there is a wild collision, athletes could collide with the bleachers or run into a fan, which then causes them to harshly collide with the bleachers, which could cause bodily harm.


For certain sports, such as wrestling and gymnastics, floor padding is critical to the safety of your athletes. Gymnasts fly through the air, and if something were to go wrong on their routines, they need to be protected when they hit the floor. While padding cannot prevent all injuries, it can greatly reduce the risk for injuries, especially given the force with which gymnasts crash into the floor. If you have a wrestling program, you also need to invest in high-quality wrestling mats. At, we and our sister company, SportsGraphics, have created state-of-the-art wrestling mats. Our products are the best in the industry, and we have the tests and research to prove that they will reduce injuries.

Athletic Equipment

One thing that you may not think about when you are looking to pad your athletic facilities is the fact you may have other athletic equipment spread throughout the area. Things such as volleyball poles and nets, training hoops for basketball, and more can all be set to the side of the playing surface and pose a threat if a collision were to happen on the edge of the court. Additionally, things like goalposts on the football and soccer fields pose risks for athletes. For that reason, you should pad or put up padded barriers around spare athletic equipment to ensure your athletes have a lesser chance of injury if they were to go off the court.

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