What to Do if Your Padding Has Been Damaged Mid-Season

Having wall pads and other safety features in your athletic facilities is not enough if they are not in good condition. Though you should inspect and ensure your wall pads are in good condition before every season, you also need to make sure they are repaired if they are damaged during the various seasons. If this happens, they need to be repaired quickly, so your athletes and fans have safe surroundings to play in and watch the games.

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Why Your Locker Room Needs Wall Pads and Stadium Graphics

Don’t neglect your home locker room. Don’t allow your school or team locker room to look like a dungeon.

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5 Reasons to Consider Advertising on Wall Pads

Working in a collegiate or professional sports world, you know that advertising and sponsorships are some of your primary sources of income. Therefore, it’s important to include logos for these sponsors anywhere you can. Sponsorships are often most visible in and around the athletic facilities, where scores of people will see them. For this reason, you should include your various sponsorships on your field wall pads. At, our team handcrafts each wall pad to ensure it reaches our safety and quality standards. We will ensure you have superb wall pads with excellent graphics so advertisers will be fighting over the chance to be on your pa

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G-Max Rating and Its Importance

Ensuring the safety of all athletes who step foot on your athletic facilities is crucial. When an athlete hits a wall or other surface, either their body or the wall absorbs the majority of the impact. If the wall padding is not sufficient, the player may sustain a more serious injury because they take the majority of the impact.

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What Makes a Great Banner?

A lot of the same principles go into a great banner as do great branded gym pads and wall decals. Learn how to get your design right here.

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How to Make Your Spring Baseball Season Safer

It’s the season of the great American sport, of muddy outfields and grooming the diamond. In other words: get ready for baseball! This springtime sport is beloved by spectators and participants alike, and you’re no doubt feeling the thrill as your team takes their hard-earned skills to game day.

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Three Ways to Make Sure Your Fields Stay Looking Great This Spring Season

Spring brings warmer days and more sunshine, sure—but it also brings with it the bane of outdoor sports everywhere: mud. If sloppy, dangerous fields weren’t enough, you also have to deal with weeds, soil erosion, uneven grass… Indeed, when it comes to maintenance, you certainly have your work cut out for you in the spring!

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Three Budget-Friendly Ways to Improve Your Local Rec Center

If you manage a rec center, know that your facility plays a critical role in your community. As a wholesome place for people to gather, for the community to host events, and for residents to work on becoming their best selves, rec centers are an irreplaceable part of towns, both large and small.

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Three Bleacher Safety Procedures to Enforce for Guest Safety

If you own a sports facility, you’re probably quite preoccupied with keeping your athletes safe with wall padding and similar equipment—but your guests deserve protection too! While they may only be spectating a contact sport, they’re at your facility to have a good time, not to worry about their wellbeing. Plus, taking care of them helps maintain your facility’s positive image as a caring, welcoming place to spend an afternoon.

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Benefits of Stadium Seating Covers

Stadium seating is outside—obviously. So why would you need to cover it? Shouldn't it be well-designed enough to withstand the elements? Doesn't covering it take away from the appeal of a stadium that's wide open and ready for visitors?

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