Thousands of sports-related concussions (SRCs) occur annually in the NCAA. A concussion is a traumatic injury to the brain that alters the way your brain functions. An SRC follows a blow to the head and may be accompanied by a temporary loss of consciousness. It can result in temporary or permanent neurological and cognitive deficiencies. Unfortunately, far too many collegiate athletes suffer from SRCs.

Without the correct compliance for your baseball field backstop padding, you are at risk for liabilities for your players and your facility. Understanding the statistics is your first step, so let's look at some statistics and how can help you keep your players safer.

What are the Common Statistics for SRCs?

Based on the NCAA’s Injury Surveillance Program (ISP) and their studies conducted between the 2009/10 and 2013/14 academic years and the 2014/15 and 2018/19 academic years, sports-related concussion stats have been changing.

2009/10 - 2013/14 Academic Years Stats

  • Sports with the highest number of concussions: wrestling, followed by men’s ice hockey, women’s ice hockey, and men’s football.
  • Concussion rate: 4.47 per 10,000 athlete exposure.
  • Concussions occurred more frequently in competition settings than in practices.
  • 68% of concussions occurred due to player contact.

2014/15 - 2018/19 Academic Years Stats

  • Sports with the highest SCR rates: men’s ice hockey and women’s soccer.
  • SRC rates notably increased in women’s soccer and volleyball in these years.
  • Concussion rate: 4.13 per 10,000 athlete exposures.
  • Concussions occurred more frequently in competition settings than in practices.
  • 77% of SRCs reported in men’s sports came from player contact (most prevalent).
  • 39.2% of SRCs reported in women’s sports came from equipment/apparatus contact (most prevalent).

What’s Being Done?

Those trends and statistics are troubling. Thanks to recent attention from the biographical sports movie Concussion, more people finally realize that SRCs are a serious problem. Boxers, football players, and even soldiers have all been outspoken advocates for traumatic brain injury research, some even donating their brains to science.

Reducing or preventing concussions has become a national health priority in response to public discussions about traumatic brain injury in athletes.

The NCAA takes concussions very seriously. They know they must provide safe facilities, proper treatments, and protocols for all their athletes. As part of their proactive approach, the NCAA Concussion Policy and Legislation mandates that institutions implement the following:

  1. An annual process that ensures student-athletes are educated about the signs and symptoms of concussion.
  2. A process that ensures a student-athlete who exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion shall be removed from athletics activities and evaluated by a medical staff member with experience in evaluating and managing concussions.
  3. A policy that precludes a student-athlete diagnosed with a concussion from returning to athletic activity for at least the remainder of that calendar day.
  4. A policy that requires medical clearance for a student-athlete diagnosed with a concussion to return to athletics activity as determined by a physician or the physician's designee.

The NCAA has also established strict rules of progression for all college athletes recovering from head injuries. Instead of treating concussions, it would be far better to prevent them. Some SRCs can be avoided with proper planning and the right facilities. The experts at Field Wall Pads will help ensure your fields and indoor sports areas comply with the new NCAA padding regulations.

What Sets Field Wall Pads Apart?

Trusted by colleges across the U.S., Field Wall Pads is pleased to be part of the solution to reduce concussions with our full assortment of wall and stadium padding. The safety and health of athletes has always been our number one priority and mission. As you may already know, not all wall pads are created equally.

When padding is too thin or improperly installed, it's sometimes worse than having no padding. Some parents have learned this the tragic way after their students were either injured or killed while playing sports.

Meet Required Regulations

Field Wall Pads knows a thing or two about padding. In fact, we've been manufacturing state-of-the-art customized and protective padding for nearly three decades. Our superior wall padding products are constructed of 3" high-impact foam.

At Field Wall Pads, safety comes first. We conducted independent research to see how our 3" foam wall pads stack up against the competition. We also looked specifically at the shock absorption performance concerning impact.

Extensive Testing and Quality Control

Our experts conducted G-max testing — or impact testing — to measure the shock attenuation performance of a playing surface. Our 3" foam wall pads provide superior protection against concussions.

In fact, our wall padding is so thick that we're the official padding provider for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). If they count on us to protect their strong and powerful superstars, so can you.

Unique Branding and Customization Options

Not only are Field Wall Pads safe for your athletes, but they're also beautiful. That's because we can provide custom designs based on your specifications.

School pride and spirit are essential elements at any NCAA college. Our protective field wall pads prominently feature your school colors and mascot, showing off your branding with custom solutions. Universities and professional leagues across the nation trust our expertise and professionalism.

The Arizona Razorbacks, Kansas Jayhawks, and the Iowa State Cyclones are just a few colleges that appreciate our fine craftsmanship. Professional sports teams — including the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos — also rely on field wall pads for our high-quality and attractive padding.

Name a surface, and we can provide protective padding to reduce the chance of injuries, including fences, bleachers, guard rails, backstops, locker rooms, goalposts, wrestling rooms, and so on.

High Tech and Low Maintenance Options

At Field Wall Pads, we'll listen to your needs and suggest the best solutions. We can create the ideal protective products for any inside space or outdoor area. If installed outside, your padding must withstand a wide gamut of conditions and weather.

That's why we build all our wall padding to last. We use 18.5-ounce vinyl that is UV, water, and mildew resistant. What could be easier for maintenance? Though all our products are easy to install, we also provide installation services at any location.

Top-Rated Experts in the Field

You'll appreciate working with our friendly staff on any new project. That's because our mentality has always been "anything is possible." We offer fair pricing and quick turnaround times on your NCAA wall pads. And because we design and manufacture all our products under one roof, we're always accountable and precise.

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The end result is a dazzling image that won't peel or tear like a decal. At Field Wall Pads, we can use an existing design or create a completely new look. Phone the team at Field Walls Pads today!

Keep Your Players Safer With Field Wall Pads

There's a reason we've been in the business for over 32 years, and it's because we work hard to bring your vision to life and keep your athletes safer. We'll answer all your questions about design, price, timeline, and padding options. Or, if it's more convenient for you, request a quote by completing our quick and easy online form. 

Contact us online or give us a call at 800-257-6405 to connect with our team. We look forward to working with you and providing a safe environment for all your NCAA athletes!