In an increasingly competitive academic environment, colleges across the country are turning to branding as a way to attract students, maintain revenue, and even hype up their sports teams. But fitting each and every part of an athletic facility into a branding approach can be tricky; when everything must add to your unique image in some way or another, how can you make something as universally essential as wall pads contribute?

Fieldwallpads is here to help. We not only create picture-perfect branded products, but we also teach you how to use them with the handy tips below.

Use Wall Pads as Banners

Though they aren’t the sort of thing that customers or athletes stand and read, they can serve as a valuable visual draw before anyone takes the field, keeping the customer experience focused on your brand and enjoying the together time it brings them.

Of course, plain-colored gym pads serve as a useful background to other surrounding branded products, but only stadium padding printed with a mascot or team name will draw the eye in a sea of other fans, vendors, and lights. Consider a healthy mix of plain and printed wall pads to get the most branding for your buck.

Take Advantage of Wall Pads’ Abundance in Your Facility

If you’re truly concerned about your athletes’ safety, you’ll take padding the places they play seriously. From goal post padding to rail padding, they’ll probably be one of the most prominent things in your facility in terms of surface area. But you don’t need to see them as solely utilitarian and a blight upon your brand—instead, take this opportunity to appreciate the variety of places you can put your team’s name, mascot, or other pertinent text.

While there’s of course such a thing as visual harmony and balance, it’s important to understand that your outdoor wall padding opens up a world of brand-boosting opportunities by providing lots of “real estate,” so to speak.

Stick to the Style Guide

We touch on the importance of a style guide in our blog, “Working Athletic Padding Into Your Athletic Facility’s Design.” Sticking to the guidance this document provides, though, is critical not only to a well-designed facility but to a well-branded one, too.

A brand demands consistency in everything from color to fonts, as it’s in this manner that a cohesive image is accomplished. Make sure that your gym wall padding adheres to your pre-established design rules in every sense to ensure they positively contribute to your band.

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