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Baseball Field Padding for Your School

When it comes to protecting your players, only the best wall padding that money can buy will do. That’s why college and pro teams across the U.S. choose Fieldwallpads.com for their custom wall padding. We offer fully-customizable athletic padding products for all types of baseball facilities regardless of design or needs.

Our baseball field padding eliminates the threat of injury along the back wall, fence railing, scoreboards, or any other area in the field or along the stands. Time and again, baseball players have been protected from concussions, sprains, and severe bruises when athletic organizations have installed padding in key areas where player safety is an issue.

To find out more about our NFPA-286 tested padded products, contact us at 800-257-6406.

Customization and Design Features for Your School or Organization

If you are like most high schools, colleges, and universities, then you are meticulous about every detail of your athletic facility. That’s why Fieldwallpads.com offers complete customization for your products right down to the smallest details.

How can we make your field wall pads stand out?

  • You can add full multi-color designs and graphics to your wall padding to boost your organization’s brand.
  • We can add the right amount of padding you desire to fully protect your players from injuries during games and practices.
  • If your wall requires special fasteners, we can add them to the pads. You can choose between temporary and permanent fixtures.
  • Give us your measurements, and we’ll make sure to design the pads according to your dimension specifications.

We work closely with you to ensure the finished product turns out exactly the way you order it. Our entire team of designers, engineers, and construction experts wants you to be 100% satisfied with your wall pads.

Impact-Resistant Padding Material

Concrete walls resist impact, which means that when a player hits the wall, they are likely to bounce off. Yet, the impact is so severe that players are often knocked to the ground and can sustain severe injuries. Some injuries are career-ending and some are life-threatening.

By contrast, field wall padding absorbs the impact. A player runs into a soft pad filled with polyurethane foam. The foam is strong enough to ensure that the player never hits the wall, yet soft enough to keep the athlete from feeling the full weight of the impact, thus lessening the degree of bodily impression drastically.

Need an Estimate? Contact Us Today

When you contact Fieldwallpads.com to get your order started, we’ll answer your questions, provide some industry expert advice, go over the details, and get to work to ensure a fast turnaround time. This is why we are the top choice of many leading schools and organizations across the country.

To schedule a consultation and get an estimate from a Fieldwallpads.com specialist, call us at 800-257-6406. You can also message us on our contact page.

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