Bleacher Safety Curtains

Custom Bleacher Safety Curtains for Your School’s Gym

Are you looking for an innovative way to provide protection for your athletes and spectators at indoor or outdoor sporting competitions? offers heavy-duty bleacher safety curtains for just about any sport where bleachers are located.

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Enclosures: The Perfect Accident Prevention Tool

Prevent Visitors from Gaining Access Underneath the Bleachers

Bleacher safety curtains prevent guests and visitors from walking underneath the bleachers. Schools that install bleacher safety curtains experience a significant reduction in accidents and injuries normally associated with hanging out underneath the bleachers. The enclosures also eliminate vandalism, theft, trespassing, loitering, or any criminal activity.

The enclosures cover the entire side of the bleacher. You can secure the enclosures using a variety of methods so that potential trespassers cannot loosen or open the enclosures along the corners, sides, top, or bottom.

Customizable Bleacher Safety Curtains for Your Facility

Our customized vinyl curtains fit tightly around your bleachers to prevent spectators or participants from entering or leaving the bleachers from the side. The enclosures are designed to be flexible so that you do not have to remove them and put them back on every time you open or close the bleachers.

Whether you want school logos or sponsor advertisements on your safety curtains, can design your enclosures to your exact specifications. We can print the artwork directly to the vinyl fabric. This method creates a sturdier, time-tested product that far outlasts decals or cheap prints.

Our in-house design team can take an existing template or create a concept that is totally original under your direction. We print everything in-house utilizing advanced industry-grade equipment. A central location allows everyone involved in the project to communicate and work together to produce the highest quality bleacher safety curtains anywhere in the industry.

You will love the results!

The Benefits of Bleacher Safety Curtains

Once you install the bleacher safety curtains, you will quickly discover several features and benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Permanent placement with no need for removal
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain
  • Contains durable 14oz. vinyl with rugged mounting hardware
  • BIG, bold, high-def designs that are hard to miss
  • Complete protection on, below, and around the bleacher on both sides

Enclosure Design Gives You a Consistent Branded Look

Every element you add to your gym or field gives you an opportunity to promote your school’s brand and image.

Bleacher safety curtains provide a large platform for you to display your school colors, mascot, logo, or any other design that boosts school pride and generates excitement in the facility. They are also a great tool for allowing sponsors to advertise and expand their market. Regardless of what you print on the enclosures, you can be assured that it will make a lasting impression with a large number of people.

Order Your Bleacher Safety Curtains From

At, we are dedicated to finding innovative ways to help you maintain a safe sports environment in your gym or on your field. From wall pads to floor mats, to bleacher safety curtains, we make it easy for you to protect your players and instill in your organization a sense of responsibility to the athletes who entertain and inspire hundreds and thousands of people week after week.

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