When you’re investing in new wall pads and other amenities for your athletic facility, you need to consult with the experts to ensure you have clean, captivating typography for your organization’s design. While you might think of the design and colors as the only important part of your design, the fonts and lettering are what ties everything together. The business of typography and lettering designs is booming and is a multi-billion dollar industry. There have been several studies done that show how important font design is in creating a cohesive design. So, how do you decide which font type is best for your school or organization? Here, our experts at Fieldwallpads.com will explain the importance of fonts and their aspects.

Common School Fonts

There are several fonts that we commonly use in our projects, some of which include:

●        Jackport College NCV

●        FTY Delirium NCV

●        College Block

●        Old Sport Athletic

●        Friday Night Lights

●        Veridian College

●        Bodoni

●        Futura

●        Modesto

●        Ancient Greek

●        ITC Lubalin Graph

●        And more

What Makes These Fonts Elite

Each of these fonts has unique qualities that make them a great option for your athletic program or organization. So, what do these fonts have that make them elite?

●        They Set a Precedent | These fonts are eye-catching. With large letters and simple, catchy fonts, you can get the attention of everyone who comes by, and it makes it a better option to use on shirts and other apparel. Additionally, the fonts can be adjusted to different sizes, which makes them a great option for printing slogans and other messages.

●        Contrast Between Colors | Another benefit of choosing the right font is that it creates a contrast between colors, which improves the visual appeal and readability of your designs. Having these fonts helps differentiate between opposite colors, such as:

○        Cardinal & Gold

○        Orange & White

○        Black & White

○        Yellow & Purple

●        Readability | While some fonts may look cool, that doesn’t make them easy to read. At Fieldwallpads.com, our design experts have been in this business for years and can help you choose a font that best reflects your design and color choices and will stand out. You want your fonts to be easy to read for everyone who sees them, and with the help of an expert, you can find an easy-to-read font that makes your designs stand out.

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