Is Your Gym Ready for the 2021-22 Winter Season?

As outdoor practices begin to move indoors and frost coats the grounds in the mornings, one thing’s becoming clear: the winter sports season is on its way. Though you’ve probably done your fair share of prepwork when it comes to your gyms before you opened them in the fall, they’re bound to see an uptick in use as colder weather sets in; are your facilities up to the challenge?

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How to Maintain Athletic Facility Sponsors

Last month on our stadium padding blog, we touched on “How to Get School Sponsorships—” a topic pertinent to your athletic program’s success if there ever was one. But these sponsorships aren’t just one-and-done deals; they’re working relationships that require consistent input from both sides if they are to be successful for both parties.

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Is it Time for an Athletic Facility Makeover?

Whether you’re a college or a community, your athletic facility is no doubt the crown jewel of your locale. By providing a place where everyone can get together and watch exciting games—not to mention work out in some cases—it serves as a warm, welcoming gathering place where people can take a load off and bond with their neighbors.

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Why Order All Your School Branding Merch From the Same Company?

When you have an established school brand, you most likely have a style guide to go with it—a guide that provides vendor information for everything from what colors to use to the mascot art you want on a given product. With such a comprehensive document, you may reason, what could go wrong with shopping around? How hard can following pre-written instructions be?

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How are Athletic Pads Affixed to the Wall?

Athletic padding is both a practical and aesthetic investment in your facility’s success. By protecting your athletes from injury and being a brand-boosting asset as well, they’ve rendered themselves an irreplaceable part of the stadiums of top national and university teams—and of your league, too, of course.

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Working Athletic Padding Into Your Facility’s Design

The A-OK to break ground on a new athletic venue sure is exciting! Your mind is probably filled with images of grandeur—more space for the roaring crowds, luxurious accommodations for your players, and, of course, a much-needed boost in the number of snack bars. It’s all so thrilling to think about, sure, but don’t forget your athletic padding!

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Essential Padding for Baseball Stadiums

Baseball is a no-contact sport for the most part—teams don’t fight for the ball as do football players. But that doesn’t mean there’s no potential for concussive injury! Indeed, when running, jumping, and aiming the ball, it’s all too easy to run into the walls of the stadium; you’ve probably seen videos of amazing pop flies caught in that way, or even witnessed an instance yourself!

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How Your Facility Can Make Money During the Off Season

But this doesn’t need to be the case! With a little resourcefulness and quick thinking, your sports facility can still turn out a significant chunk of cash, even when it’s not serving the purpose for which it was designed., your sports padding supplier of choice, explains how below.

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What Role Do Wall Pads Play in Your Team’s Success?

It probably comes as no shock that stadium wall pads protect your athletes from on-the-court, fieldside, or in-the-gym injury. Go figure! Why else would you invest in sports venue padding in the first place? To play at their best, your athletes can’t go getting themselves hurt.

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How to Pick the Right Color for Your School’s Wall Pads

That’s all fine and dandy—but when it comes to decorating your stadium with new padding, what color should that padding be? You’ve only got a couple options, as per your style guide, but choosing between them can feel like the biggest decision in your facility’s history. They’ll be all over the inner walls, after all; a wrong choice can mean an ugly stain that’s pricey to remove.

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