Volleyball Padding for Your School

Are you looking for protective padding for your volleyball players? Fieldwallpads.com offers customized, fully protective wall pads for indoor athletic facilities. Our padding is specially designed to enhance your school’s brand on every level. Whether you want to feature your logo, your school colors, or your mascot, we can help you with every detail or your design from start to finish. We are the wall padding design experts.

Our focus on wall padding design is what truly separates us from the competition. Our entire team works together to help you enhance your organization’s image whether you are coaching little league players or big leaguers. When it comes to wall padding, presenting a clean, professional image is what matters most.

To find out more about our NFPA-286 tested padded products, contact us at 800-257-6405.

We Customize Wall Padding for Your Volleyball Facility

We know that your organization takes pride in the uniqueness of your volleyball facility. Therefore, we customize your wall pads to your exact measurement and design specifications.

  • The perfect tool for branding and school promotion. Add your logo, school colors, mascot, website, or advertisements.
  • Designed with you in mind. Tell us your desired dimensions, thickness, or an additional design feature, and make your wall padding to order.
  • Custom padding for added protection. We offer custom specialty padding around the walls, poles, bleachers—wherever you need protection for your players.
  • Full in-house printing from our design team. Our entire team works under one roof to create cohesion during the design and engineering process. We can do all printing in-house. Send us your graphics, and we’ll get to work!
  • Sturdy fasteners that hold the wall pads in place. You can choose to have your wall pads permanently or temporarily fastened to your walls. if you also require specialized fastening, let us know. We’re here to meet your needs.

Built to Withstand Hard Bodily Impact

All our pads are made from polyurethane foam, the highest impact absorbent substance anywhere on the planet. When you installed on your gym’s walls, end poles, or bleachers, it will protect your athletes, spectators, and visitors during even the most intense volleyball games. No matter how fast or intense the collision is, the pads create a thick barrier that completely separates the individual from the wall.

Our products are so effective, that they are used in college and professional stadiums and volleyball gyms across the U.S. Top schools and pro organizations depend on us to keep their athletes out of harm’s way when they run, fly, or hurl into a solid wall at full-speed.

Durable Construction You Can Depend On Every Time

Our designers, engineers, and construction experts team together to further develop and improve wall padding every day. We don’t just make products—we make a difference in the health and well-being of athletes who give it their all every day for millions of sports fans.

That’s why we use only the most durable, impact-absorbent in the industry.

Protect Your Volleyball Players Today with Wall Pads

Do you need an estimate? Our upfront pricing and customization plans are easy to understand and even easier to order. See why top universities and colleges choose Fieldwallpads.com for their protective athletic padding.

To find out more about our products or schedule a consultation, call us at 800-257-6405. You can also message us on our contact page.

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