While most spectators watch sports for the love the game, they also love being connected to a culture that both the team and the fans create over time. This dynamic gives your organization the leverage you need to establish your brand.


Below, we cover the finer points of branding and how wall pads can add to your organization's image.


Branding: The Core of Your Marketing Success


Americans spent $56 billion attending sports events in 2017. The average American spends over $500 annually on sports merchandise.


To bring it a little closer to home, Statista ranked the most valuable U.S. professional sports team brands in 2017. Here’s the breakdown of what the top five are worth in branding value:


●        Dallas Cowboys: $4.8 billion

●        New York Yankees: $4 billion

●        New England Patriots: $3.7 billion

●        New York Knicks: $3.6 billion

●        Los Angeles Lakers: $3.3 billion


To say that team branding is essential is a gross understatement.


What Are Successful Teams Doing to Boost Their Brand?


In most cases, sports organizations will either hire a third-party agency or onboard a stellar marketing team to handle their branding.


What do some of the most successful branding firms have in common?


●        They never let their fans forget. Heritage is a big deal in sports. Fans love to get together and reminisce historical achievements of their favorite teams. Branding agencies capitalize on historical connections between the team and the fans.


●        They immerse their complex in team pride. The most successful marketing teams use every opportunity to promote their team brand. This is why you see the team name, logo, colors, and mascot everywhere you look in the arena.


●        They engage their fans. Top tier teams make it a point to connect with their fans every opportunity they get. Through marketing campaigns, merchandising, product placement, and even online platforms such as social media, branding experts know what the fans want and how to create that culture within the organization.


●        They continuously look for new branding product. Branding teams always take a fresh approach to marketing their organization. They're constantly looking for new products and merchandise, as well as opportunities to upgrade the sports complex.


Wall Pads: Next Level Branding


If you are looking for a unique opportunity to boost your team’s branding, customized wall pads offer an affordable and powerful solution.


Property owners place wall pads in areas where players collide with walls or equipment. While this is the primary reason they exist, it also gives your team the option of placing your team logo, colors, information, or mascot on the wall.


You can personalize your wall pads precisely the way you want them. You can choose the size of the pads and the dimension to fit perfectly on your wall.


Order Your Wall Pads and Take Advantage of Team Branding


Field Wall Pads offers customized wall pads for all types of sports facilities including baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, and football.


Our products help you create a safe environment for your athletes while enhancing your marketing efforts. To find out more about how our products can help your organization, call us at 800-257-6406, or message us on ourcontact page.