Establishing a brand to connect with your fans is a vital part of any organization, whether it is new or has been around for years. The love of the game is what brings most sports fans out, but the culture and pride is passed down and shared by all, which creates a dynamic that cannot be beat.


Below, you will find how branded wall pads can add to your organization’s culture, as well as the finer points of branding.

How Do Successful Teams Create And Continue Their Brand?

In many scenarios, organizations will hire third-party companies or an elite marketing team of their own to ensure their brands are as impactful as possible.


So, how do these successful organizations go about engaging their fanbases?


History: Many of us are sports fans and follow certain sports teams because of family history. We cheer on the teams our families have been cheering on for decades. Successful organizations focus on highlighting their pasts, while engaging their presents and planning for their futures to ensure fans of all ages can connect.


Pride: If you’ve ever been to a sporting event, you’ve probably noticed the team’s logo, colors, and mascot nearly everywhere in the arena. Successful branding makes sure to capitalize on every opportunity to reinforce fans’ loyalty and pride.


Fan Engagement: Elite organizations utilize fan engagement to their advantage. Many fans enjoy the feeling of being part of a team, and successful teams use their branding on marketing campaigns, merchandising, product placement, and social media to engage the fans and create that feeling.


Moving Forward: While it is important to document what does and does not work in regards to branding for specific teams, it is as equally important to constantly brainstorm new ideas for branding, merchandising, and upgrades to the teams and facilities.

Athletic Wall Pads: Next Level Branding

Customized wall pads can be an underrated, highly valuable aspect of branding. While the primary purpose of wall padding is to ensure player safety in high-impact areas of the facility, they also allow for affordable, easy branding.


Athletic wall pads can be designed and made to fit on all surfaces—indoor and outdoor. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to cover a chainlink fence at a baseball or softball complex, or the bleachers at a basketball facility. allows you to choose the dimension, size, logos, and colors on your pads to ensure both safety and fan enjoyment.

Order Your Wall Pads And Take Advantage of Next Level Branding

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