Documentaries have been made, podcasts have been launched, and volumes have been published about the importance of typography and fonts in business and marketing. Approaching font design requires more than just selecting from a long list of default styles in your software. It calls for an entire philosophical and creative approach that contributes to your school or team’s brand and cultural identity.

It’s time to take a closer look at the importance of font & lettering in the design of your wall pads.


While there is no ironclad answer to this question, there are fonts that colleges, universities, and professional teams use regularly to promote their brand. Some popular fonts include:

●        Old Sport Athletic

●        Friday Night Lights

●        Jackport College NCV

●        FTY Delirium NCV

●        College Block

●        FTY Strategycide

●        Veridian College

●        Ancient Greek

●        KG Miss Speechy IPA

●        Greek House Fathouse

●        Extenda Trial 1

●        Bodoni

●        Futura

●        ITC Lubalin Graph

●        FF Meta

●        Modesta


Broadly speaking: they work because they contribute to the brand of the facility that’s using them. Fonts have an attitude all their own, and choosing the correct one reinforces the strong brand that you’re already trying to build. Not every brand is the same, and not every font will work for every brand; the above are merely suggestions on a few popular franchises many teams model themselves after.

For more on branding and what it means for your facility, check out our blogs on the subject. Here, we discuss the benefits of branding, and here we discuss what it can do for your fanbase and revenue.

All that being said, the above fonts are popular choices because:

They Are Readable

The feature that needs to stand out the most when designing your wall pad is the lettering feature. While logos and graphics are instant attention-getters, the eyes will eventually land on the message. Therefore, every letter needs to be clear and precise, something these fonts cater to.

They Establish a Visual Hierarchy

What do we mean by hierarchy? Let’s start by defining the term. CreativePro, an organization that provides training in various graphic design software, states that a visual hierarchy is “the order in which a user processes information on a page.” In other words, it’s how the design “reads—” where the eyes fall first, which parts draw your attention next, etcetera.

In a correct visual hierarchy, the most important part of the message is displayed first with large letters and a brief statement. Then, the second most crucial part of the message has smaller letters, a longer message, and so on. The fonts above are great for large lettering with a brief statement. They catch the eye first.

They Allow Heavy Contrast

Contrast is a key component in lettering. Contrast sets two opposite or contrasting colors apart, making them stand out. Examples of stark contrast include:

●        Black vs. White

●        Purple vs. Yellow

●        Gold vs. Cardinal

●        Orange vs. White

The examples above foster heavy contrast because the font is thick and allows for more coloring. While it is possible to use thin fonts, it also makes it more difficult to create a clear contrast between the font and the background or graphic.

They Are Authoritative and Powerful

If you are designing your wall pads for an athletic facility, then they will obviously be used for sporting events. When it comes to sports, you want to project a brand or image that is domineering, authoritative, and powerful.

A solid, thick, and non-circular font can help you accomplish this goal. Yes, even font can be intimidating when used in the right context!


The above fonts only represent a certain design style or focus. The concepts outlined in this article can apply to any creative field, design, or project. Whether it applies to sports or any other setting, you can best make use of the power of lettering by:

Choosing the Font That Best Boosts Your Team’s Brand

As we said above, every brand is different. Every organization has a unique image it wants to project to the masses, and the font on your wall pads must be chosen accordingly. Just because, say, Futura worked the best for your biggest rival doesn’t mean it will work well for you! Blaze your own trail and craft your own brand; it’s the only way to stand out and draw in your fanbase.

Don’t know where to start with your brand? We’ve got you. Check out our stadium padding blog that can help get you moving in the right direction.

Taking the Whole Picture Into Account

Font is only one part of the design picture. Use the right combination of font colors, backgrounds, and graphics on your wall pads that contrast and complement each other without clashing or blending. For some examples of what this may look like, check out our gallery.

Establishing a Visual Hierarchy

When designing your athletic padding, start with the most pronounced and shortest part of your message first, then work your way down to smaller letters and longer wording. You can use this opportunity to mix and match fonts that work together.

Keeping Setting in Mind

While an authoritative font is great for gym wall pads and school, you may have something else in mind. For instance, certain academic institutions might desire to craft a different image based on sportsmanship and formality. In this case, they’d seek a font that lent their design a sophisticated air.


If you want to create an innovative wall padding design but don’t know where to begin, contact today. We can help you develop your wall pad design from start to finish and custom print it to your exact specifications. We design graphics for banners, bleachers, windows, and wall pads.

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