Basketball Court Wall Padding

At, our gym wall pads provide unparalleled protection for basketball players. Our products can help to reduce or eliminate sports-related injuries such as concussions, sprains, and bruises that occur when athletes collide with a brick or concrete wall.

If you are a coach, facility manager, or school administrator who is concerned about the safety of your basketball players, our wall pads are the solution you need to create an injury-free environment.

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Impact-Resistant Padding Material

Gym padding protects both athletes, spectators, and visitors from severe injuries that would otherwise occur against an open concrete wall. The polyurethane foam within the pad absorbs impact while preventing the player from making any contact with the wall.

If players run or are pushed into the wall at high speed, they will not feel the severe impact nor sustain serious injury caused by the wall surface.

Wall Pad Customization

We understand that all indoor athletic facilities are unique in their design construction. Therefore, we provide basketball wall pads with fully customizable features such as:

  • A Unique Configuration: Although we carry standard padding, we can also design wall pads according to your specifications. Tell us what dimensions you need, how thick you need the padding to be, or any other design feature, and we’ll create it to suit your needs.
  • Custom Specialty Padding: You may want extra protection for your college athletes during basketball season. We offer custom specialty padding for college & university gyms of all shapes and sizes. We want to help you protect your players during games and practice.
  • Print Work: You take pride in your school colors, logo, mascot, and culture. Why not show off your school by adding a full print on the front of your pads? We can take your design or create a new design for you. All high-definition images are crystal clear and bright.
  • Fastening Strength: We want to ensure that your padding is either permanently or temporarily fasted to the wall so that everyone in your gym is safe at all times. So if you have a unique fastening requirement, let us know.

Why Choose

We manufacture all of our padding and front designs under one roof in our quality controlled environment. Our precision fabrication expertise means we can assure you and your clients receive the best protective padding you can use for years to come.

At, we offer the best design support in the protective padding industry. Whether you need specifications for a unique project or an answer to a technical question, we provide answers and resources you need to complete your project.

Need an estimate? Our quotes, including customized artwork concepts, are free and fast. See why top universities and colleges across the nation choose us as their exclusive padding manufacturer for their basketball facility.

To find out more about our products or schedule a consultation, call us at 800-257-6405. You can also message us on our contact page.

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