Whether you’re constructing a new facility or renovating your current one, the type of wall pad you purchase should be a top priority as they impact athlete safety. While they obviously add an aesthetic and cultural feel to the area, the most important factor to determine is safety.


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Athletic Padding Considerations

Here, we will go through different factors and considerations before you make the decision on which wall pads to purchase.

●      Which Activities Are You Preparing For?

The purpose of wall pads is to absorb the shock and impact that may come its way during an event. Depending on the sport the pads are for, they need to be of a certain thickness and have a specific surface-level make.


Establishing which sports you are preparing for is vital to the success and safety of all those involved. We make wall pads for all sports and facilities, whether they are indoor or outdoor sports, or whether it is a concrete wall, or a metal fence.

●      Your Facility

No matter the sport, athletic wall pads need to cover any surface that could injure a player, whether they are in a contact sport or not. High-intensity sports, such as football and basketball, are usually what come to mind; however, wall pads are needed for baseball, softball, and volleyball, as well.


There is a wall pad design for every type of surface in your gym, field, or stadium. It is important to anticipate which areas of the facility will see the most impact or action. On a basketball court, the bleachers or the walls behind the baskets see frequent impact, while in football, it is the wall behind the end zone.

●      Thickness

The most basic wall pads are typically two to three inches thick, while they can be made thicker if necessary. Even the most basic athletic wall pads are built to sustain impact and prevent injury. No matter the sport, the wall pads need to be thick enough so the athlete does not hit the wall or fence behind it when they collide.


High-impact pads are different regarding to how they are made. These pads are made with a polyethylene foam that is laminated to a custom, bottom layer of polyethylene. By combining the two, it ensures that the pads stay sturdy and absorb impact during activities.

Why Installing Athletic Wall Padding Is Important

Skill level and the activity at hand are two of the most important factors to consider when researching or purchasing wall pads. By choosing the proper wall padding, you take a vital step to improve upon the safety of your athletes.


As an athletic director, coach, or school administrator you should consider the more important cost of not having wall pads, which risks severe injuries for your athletes.

Custom Athletic Wall Pads For Your School

If you’re in the process of looking for wall pads for your university or professional sports team, contact Fieldwallpads.com. We have custom wall pads for all sports that keep your athletes and competitors safe from injuries.


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