When you purchase your indoor wall padding for your gymnasium, there are several items to consider before you install them on the walls. Below is a short guide to help ensure that your installation is successful and that you get it right the first time.

The Padding

The padding takes up more space than you may originally measure. The foam may interfere with pad alignment once it settles or even upon installation. Therefore, you need to account for the additional space that the foam may take up.


The additional space does add up quickly. Thus, it may alter how you measure each pad across the length of the wall. This is especially important if you want each pad to be identical in height or width.


Your on-site maintenance staff may not have the knowledge or tools to cut and re-staple the pads themselves, which is why we provide a team of installers to help. Otherwise, one wrong pad can prolong the installation if you have to reorder.

Measuring the Pads

When measuring for the wall pad, here are some factors you may want to consider:


●        Elevate the pads 4” off the floor for a concrete or tile floor

●        Elevate the pads 4 1/2” off the floor for a wood floor

●        Measure up to the desired height and level off from the marking. Do not measure up from with each pad, as the floor may not be perfectly level.

●        Hire a professional to measure the cutouts. Leave room for all wall items around the pads.

●        Leave room around the padding edges so that doors can open and close freely.

Installation Specifications

When ordering your field wall pads, you need to specify how you want them to be installed. There are three common methods of installation:


●        Furring strips: Pieces of wood are mounted to the wall, then the pads are nailed directly to the wood. This is best for a more permanent installation that you prefer not to be easily removed.

●        Z-clips: The Z-clips are attached to the back of the panels, while Z-Clip bars are attached to the wall. Then, the pads can easily slide into place. This is best for pads that you prefer to be easily removed when necessary.

●        Concrete screws: Tapcon screws are used to attach gym wall padding directly to concrete walls. These are used for permanent installation.

Athlete Safety Is Your Primary Concern

The purpose of your wall pads is to keep your athletes and event participants safe during a collision with the wall. Therefore, you need to make sure that the entire area is covered. For instance, in a basketball gym, areas of concern may include the baseline walls, bleachers, side walls, or the backboard. Try to determine precisely where someone can get hurt during a competition or practice.

Fieldwallpads.com Can Help You Protect Your Players

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