Though it’d be awesome to run your facility simply from visitor profits, many athletic facilities these days have turned to other measures to keep their facilities afloat—namely, sponsorships. Not to be discounted, these branding partnerships can be beneficial for the reputation of the facility and sponsor alike. The former gets some much-needed funds and the latter gets the PR boost of being associated with a community gathering space.

For the young or yet-to-be-built facility, though, it can be hard to attract big-ticket sponsors—which is why is here to help with a few tips below.

Offer Naming Rights to the Facility

Start your future facility off right by allowing potential sponsors a role in the naming. While you may not like the idea of a branded partner’s naming idea coming before a more community-oriented one, the privilege is an expensive one for potential sponsors.

If you still want to maintain major naming rights, consider offering up smaller portions of the stadium, like seating sections. Keep in mind, though, that they’re unlikely to bring in as much cash as would the entire stadium, for obvious reasons.

Consider What you Can Offer

Of course, eventually sitting around and waiting for sponsors will get tiring; you’ll soon want to go out and solicit them yourself. However, it’s not enough to simply phone up a local business and ask them to partner up with your facility. You must bring your proposition to them in a nuanced, packaged deal that demonstrates the value the partnership will have for them.

For example, can you promo them on social media? Give their logo space on your athletic padding? If so, what might this do for their brand engagement?

This is where it pays to know your customers. Understanding the demographic your facility serves will help you find sponsors looking to reach it.

Write the Letter Right

Asking for sponsorships is a bit like writing a cover letter for a job position—it isn’t 100% necessary to personalize your inquiry, but the more often you do, the higher the chance you’ll actually be given the time of day. In written correspondence, you should show that you’ve thoroughly considered the company at hand by stating, in no uncertain terms, why this would be beneficial for them.

Consider also expressing personalized sponsorship packages to give yourself the best chance you can; companies like customized terms on which they can commit. More Than Stadium Padding

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