Over time, the protective wall padding you have installed throughout your athletic facilities will wear out, either due to age or frequent collisions. No matter how it wears out, it’s crucial you replace the wall pads when necessary. Not only will replacing your wall pads enhance the safety of your athletic facilities, but it will also enhance the brand awareness throughout your facilities and town. It is important to frequently check your wall pads to ensure they still meet the necessary safety standards. Here, our team of professionals at Fieldwallpads.com will discuss what to look for to ensure your wall pads are still safe for athletic competitions.

Signs of Damage

One of the most telltale signs that you need to replace the wall pads at your athletic facility is if they have visible damage. If there are holes in the wall pads, chunks of foam missing, or loose sections, you need to quickly order new wall pads to ensure your athletes and fans are kept safe. If your athletes collide with damaged wall pads, their chance of being injured jumps. Through our own independent research, we have continually improved our products to reduce the chance of injuries, such as concussions and broken bones. If any of your wall pads have obvious signs of damage, it is crucial to quickly replace them.

Less Thick

If your wall pads appear to be thinner than they once were, this is a sign you should get them replaced. As the products age and are subject to collisions and constant use, they will lose their thickness, which becomes increasingly dangerous for the athletes competing at your facility. There are many standards and mandates that are taken into account when constructing and installing wall pads, which our team of professionals takes into account during the design and construction period. If you have questions or concerns about the thickness of your wall pads, you should contact our team at Fieldwallpads.com to get them checked.

Outdated Foam Types

If your wall pads were installed years ago and still look safe to the naked eye, you should have an expert inspect them. Even if they look safe, that may not be the case. Research is constantly being done to enhance the safety of all wall pads. As time goes on, we use different, safer types of foam, as well as more environmentally friendly foams. If it has been years since you had new wall pads installed, you should contact Fieldwallpads.com to have your products inspected for safety. You may think they are safe, but safety can always be improved, so it’s crucial to explore every option for your athletes and fans.

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