Here, our safety and design experts at will discuss the benefits of installing bleacher curtains for your athletic facilities.


The primary purpose of bleacher curtains is to prevent fans from sneaking under the bleachers. As you probably know, fans, especially children, like to take shortcuts under bleachers or even play them during games.

When you were younger, you more than likely raced under the bleachers at different sporting events with your friends. As you very well know, racing under the bleachers can be dangerous because of the various mechanisms under the structure. Chances are, you or someone you know has taken a fall under the bleachers. Due to all of the various mechanisms and tracks underneath the bleachers, there is a high chance someone who falls could get hurt. Bleacher curtains will protect fans, especially children, from getting under the bleachers and falling, which prevents injuries for everyone.


School spirit isn't just about pep rallies; it can work as a way to motivate the students when they come to class each day. High levels of spirit can help the school work with the students towards achieving goals and bring people together when they may not have worked as well as prior. Bleacher curtains with the school's logo can help create an uplifting environment and help motivate students in a way that an empty and bare space wouldn't.

The fact is, the more students feel motivated, the more they will be involved not only on campus but at the games by cheering on their team. Our bleacher curtains offer customized graphics to help remind anyone attending the games of what the foundation of your school is based on and help boost the spirit and mood at every event.


One of the best benefits of bleacher curtains is that they allow you to enhance the brand awareness within your athletic facilities. After getting the exact specifications of your bleachers, we will begin the creation process, as well as offer custom-graphics for your bleacher curtains. Some of the graphics we can print include:

●          Mascots

●          Logos

●          Fonts

●          Sponsors

●          Donors

We use a six-mechanism printing process to ensure your graphics pop and catch everyone’s eyes. By branding your athletic facilities, you can create an enticing atmosphere to increase brand awareness for your program. You want your fans and athletes to be drawn into your facilities and play and cheer with pride for their program.


If you are looking for state-of-the-art safety products for your athletic facilities, contact our safety and design experts at today. Our team will help you discover the areas you need to protect and will offer top-notch solutions for your athletic department. To learn more about our services or to request a quote from our team today, give us a call at 800-257-6405 or message us on our contact page today.