Previously on our athletic padding blog, we talked about how stadium padding provides a great space for you to show off all your sponsors—all while helping to build your school brand and keeping your athletes safe. It’s an awesome opportunity, but one that does require a bit of thinking to get right. Primarily, when you start to get more sponsorships than your wall padding can handle! is here to help you manage both your outdoor padding and your relationship with your sponsors. Below, we’ll dive into a few ways you can make sure everyone who contributes gets their piece of the pie.

Have you Considered Tiered Contribution Levels?

Wall pads are premium real-estate for sponsors, and they should be treated as such. One way to take advantage of that—and to manage who goes where—is to offer “tiered” sponsorship packages, where only contributors of a certain amount get to see their logo on your field and receive other such premium benefits.

It’s also a common technique used by a variety of sports leagues, including the NCAA, according to Sports Business Journal. And NASCAR, as per When the top dogs are taking a given approach, it’s at least something to look into.

Can You Get More Wall Pads?

There’s pretty much no such thing as too much padding, especially when it’s pulling double-duty as a brand-building and safety-boosting facility asset. We cover this idea in more detail on our sports venue padding blog. That being said, even if you have every conceivable space covered, you can still consider redoing your non-branded wall pads to feature sponsors, if your decor’s balance and visual appeal allows it. If not, you might consider the next approach…

Can you Offer Different Ways to Display Logos?

Wall graphics, window graphics, step graphics—your sponsorship benefits aren’t just limited to your padding, especially when you work with a comprehensive sports products company like We’ve got everything you need for a decked-out and thriving sports facility, no matter if your stadium plays host to baseball games or the fan-favorite: football. Combine that with our legendary customer service and it’s bound to be smooth sailing for you and your sponsorships from here on out! For Quality Wall Pads and More

We’d be proud to help you build a better sports facility. To learn more about your opportunities with us, reach our Clarion office today at 1-800-257-6405.