With the current global situation amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the chances are high that your athletic facilities and organizations have been shut down or are operating in a limited capacity. If that’s the case, now is a great time to invest in new facility enhancements to improve the safety and design of your building(s). There are several routes you can go to enhance your facilities, but at Fieldwallpads.com, we suggest that you look at your current safety and design layout and decide if they need an upgrade. If they need to be improved, you should contact our team of experts to help you improve your facilities. Here, we will discuss some of our services and how they can help you.

Install New Wall Pads

One of the best ways to revamp your athletic facilities or school is to invest in new wall pads for your athletes. Not only will new wall pads enhance the sight of your athletic facilities, but they will also improve the safety of your facilities. State-of-the-art wall pads, for both indoor and outdoor facilities, will reduce the chance that your athletes will get injured. Additionally, you can enhance the atmosphere of your athletic facility by printing custom graphics and fonts onto the padding. Your athletes and fans want to feel part of the atmosphere within your athletic facilities, and by investing in the design and safety of your facilities while they’re not busy in the current time, they can experience a new atmosphere when they walk in after things open up.

Invest In Wall and Window Graphics

To enhance the atmosphere of your school, organization, and athletic facilities, you can invest in custom window and wall graphics, as well. These are great additions to any facility because they brighten the atmosphere and make everyone feel more involved in the program. With our custom technique, we can manufacture these products in a short amount of time. From there, we can install the products for you, or we can give you custom instructions on how to install them for you. Either way, these window and wall graphics can be installed quickly, which makes them a great project for your organization while everything is closed down.

Invest In Banners

Another way to induce pride in your organization or school is to invest in championship banners or graphics to display your achievements. No achievement that your school or organization has won is too small to advertise. Championship banners are easy for our team to make and update as needed, and they can easily be hung and displayed throughout your school or athletic facilities. Investing in these banners is a simple way to spruce up your facilities during the time they’re shut down.

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