Sunlight is one of the best ways to make any facility seem warm, inviting, and attractive. There’s a reason, after all, that modern architecture in a variety of categories focuses so much on its inclusion! As amazing a design tool as natural lighting is, though, it can also be quite harmful to your facility in the right circumstances. UV damage is no joke, and too much natural light can make your attendees feel exposed and self-conscious.

Looking for the perfect way to balance natural light with occupant comfort? is here to help. Below you’ll find a few handy tips for brightening up your facility safely and productively.

Invest in Tough Wall Padding

Yes, you won’t just need good padding for outdoors; indoor padding that’s subjected to lots of natural light needs to be durable, too. While your athletic padding might be protected from harsh temperature changes and precipitation, it will quickly crack, fade, and generally become dilapidated if it’s of subpar quality and the sunlight that shines through your windows has its way with it.

Luckily, is proud to stock a wide range of tough products, from gym wall padding to pole pads. Our stock holds strong against all sorts of damage, so you can embrace the benefits of natural light, a well-branded facility, and safe players for a long time to come.

Wisely Use Window Decals

Wide swaths of windows make for a lovely, well-lit interior, but they don’t do much in the way of branding your facility—an important consideration, as we covered in our sports venue padding blog “What Does Proper Branding Do for Your School or Organization?”. That’s where window decals come in; by displaying your brand loudly and proudly, they create instant awareness the second attendees or the passerby lays eyes on your facility.

But make sure your window graphics can be seen through from the inside, like those sold by Otherwise, your windows become as good as a wall in terms of letting in light, and attendees may feel somewhat suffocated by the large black smudges adorning what should be open space.

Mind Lighting Placement

Athletes and other facility-goers deserve to practice or view the game in comfort—not to be assaulted by the noontime sun courtesy of poorly placed windows. In addition to how natural light affects your wall pad and window decal needs, keep in mind how it will affect those who use your facility too, especially if you’re in the design phase. It’s easier to fix problems before they’re made tangible. Five-Star Wall Pads, Window Decals, and More

Natural light is no match for the strength of our stadium padding and athletic facility enhancements. Give our Clarion office a call today at 1-800-257-6405.