If the season for your sport is now over, you may be considering what type of upgrades or additions you are going to make to your basketball gym, volleyball court, or even your baseball or football field. Since you make most renovations after the season, now is the perfect time to invest in wall padding for your facility.


At Fieldwallpads.com, we offer full wall padding for all types of fields and gyms in college and university campuses. No matter what kind of design your complex has, we can customize your field pads to your field or gym’s specifications.


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Installing Wall Pads in the Post-Season

Whether you are looking to install new wall pads or replace the pads you currently have, the postseason is the perfect time to make the upgrade addition. There are several reasons for this:


●        Practice is right around the corner. It seems as though the upcoming training happens just as soon as the season ends. While your players are resting, however, you have a few weeks to make the necessary adjustments to the field or gym. Unlike other major upgrades, we can design your field wall pads and install them in a relatively short period. They’ll be ready by training day.

●        Early orders guarantee early completion. Athletic directors coaches begin ordering supplies for their facilities as soon as their season is over. Ordering early ensures they get their supplies and equipment long before the upcoming season begins. If you delay your wall pad order, it may not arrive in time for you to install it before your athletes return to practice. Therefore, place your order as soon as possible.

●        There is less hassle during installation. It is much easier for our crew to install wall pads when there is less activity around the sports facility. When there are no students, faculty, or guests around we can deliver the products and install them with little to no disruption in the schedule. This will help us complete the work in faster so that you can concentrate on planning your game strategy for next season.

Wall Pad Designs

Something you may want to consider when implementing new wall pads in your field or gym is how you want us to design them. Although plain wall pads will provide adequate protection for your players, adding a design to the product greatly enhances your facility’s aesthetic value, promotes your program, and gives fans and students alike something to be excited about when they enter the complex.


Tell us the design you want, and we’ll print it straight on the pads exactly the way you want it. You can add your logo or any other design. You love how amazing the design looks on your wall or gym.

Fieldwallpads.com Offers Custom Padding for Your Campus

No matter how big your sports program is or where you are located, Fieldwallpads.com can design and install padding for your college or university. We provide safe, impact-resistant padding for educational institutions across the country. We can help you maintain a safe environment for your athletes.


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