While protecting your athletes is the most important part of investing in wall pads and other products, you can also enhance brand awareness by having your logos and other customized prints put on the products. While you may not think of it as vitally important, investing in your program’s branding is a simple way to increase awareness, pride, and excitement amongst your athletes and fans. But how does branding influence the dedication to your school or organization? Here, our design and safety experts at Fieldwallpads.com will discuss this in-depth.

Creates A Sense Of Identity

The first and most important aspect of creating a brand and displaying it is the identity it creates for anyone involved in your organization. Your brand is the core of your organization and is the selling point for fans, coaches, athletes, faculty, and more. That identity plays into how your staff builds the program and how they get athletes to buy into the program. People take pride in organization colors, mascots, slogans, and anything else that represents the core of their identity. By investing in products that display your brand, you can build awareness and pride in your organization, which solidifies your identity.

Understanding The Purpose Of Your Organization

The purpose of any organization should be greater than that of just winning championships. It should focus on constantly improving and moving forward for the betterment of everyone who follows the organization. One thing you can do with branding tools is to display previous achievements on products like banners. Additionally, many schools and organizations have a mission statement or other sort of slogan that showcases your sense of community and drive toward the future. By displaying this prominently as part of your brand, you can further enhance the pride around your organization.


Branding and your mission statement should be one and the same and go together. Branding displays your organization's purpose, mission, identity, and everything in between. By investing in high-quality products that display every aspect of your organization, such as wall pads for safety, championship banners, window and wall graphics, and more, you can get more fans and athletes invested in your organization.

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