At, we have been providing our customers with state-of-the-art wall pads for over 30 years. As research has evolved and new safety regulations have come to light, we have continually changed our wall padding to match these requirements. The thickness of wall pads varies depending on their purpose and more. Our team will take a variety of factors into consideration before designing your indoor and outdoor wall pads. The padding needs to both absorb and resist impact to prevent injuries. If the padding is so thick that athletes bounce off on impact, it can cause more injuries. However, if the padding is too thin, the athletes could get injured from the impact of the surface behind the pads, which can cause more harm. Padding is an exact science, and our experts are the best in the business. Here, our safety and design experts at will discuss how thick your various wall pads should be and how we determine the thickness we’ll make them at.

The Sport(s) You Will Need The Pads For

One of the most important considerations for the thickness of your wall pads is the sports you will need them for. If you need the wall padding for events, like basketball, baseball, and football, they will need to be of a greater thickness. If you need the padding to surround your outdoor track and field facility, it will not need to be as thick because it’s a non-contact sport. If you’re investing in wall padding for non-contact sports, there is no reason to need extraordinarily thick wall pads. When you come to us for your wall padding and design needs, we will hold a meeting with you to determine what you need your wall pads for.

The Facility You’ll Install Them and Their Design

The facility you need your wall pads for plays a factor in how thick your wall pads need to be. For example, if your gym is used for both contact and non-contact sports, you should still invest in thick wall pads to protect your athletes. Additionally, your athletic facility’s design components will determine the number of pads you need, where you need, how thick they’ll be, and more. If there are columns and bleachers in your facilities, they’ll need to be covered to protect your athletes, regardless of whether the sports in the facility will be contact sports. To go with the design of your building, we can also print custom designs related to your program on the padding to enhance the atmosphere of your organization. Each of these factors plays a role in how thick your wall pads need to be. To learn more, contact us today.

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