Though many people understand the benefits of wall padding and graphics in their athletic facilities, some do not consider what wall pads and graphics can do for other areas in athletic grounds. If you were to add these things throughout your facilities and grounds, you could potentially raise the spirit and interest in your teams.


At, our team can design and install padding, graphics, banners, and more virtually anywhere. With our process, your custom-made products will work with your design, layout, and everything else. Here, our experts will discuss why installing our products in your team’s locker rooms can help increase your athletes’ energy levels and spirit.

What Do Our Products Do for Locker Rooms?

If you ever played sports when you were younger, you likely saw your fair share plain, boring locker rooms. While these rooms serve their purpose, they do nothing to raise the spirits and excitement levels of your teams. Locker rooms are typically the space where your teams get ready, pump each other up, make game plans, celebrate, mourn losses, and more. To create an unbeatable atmosphere that is capable of reflecting everything your teams are feeling, instead of being plain and cold, you should spruce up the space with vibrant colors and images.


If you want to improve the atmosphere in your locker room, you should contact for your needs. Our team of experts can meet with you to discuss your vision for the space available. All of our products are handmade under one roof in our Iowa location. By strictly following our method, we can guarantee that each of our products is made to the highest possible standard.

What Products Can We Put in Your Locker Room?

No matter what custom products you want in your locker rooms, we can help you design and install them. Typically, we install wall padding and wall graphics with team colors, mascots, or slogans on them. Additionally, we can create custom wall graphics with a list of championships and accomplishments from your teams, as well as banners that can be hung from the walls or ceilings that celebrate accomplishments.


Additionally, many of our customers ask us to make wall graphics with inspirational quotes and more. No matter what you want on your graphics, we can help you design them if you do not already have a design in mind before we manufacture them. We have helped countless programs across the country revamp their locker rooms and other athletic facilities.

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If you are looking to spruce up your athletic facilities with state-of-the-art graphics and wall pads, contact today. Our team of experts will help you find the perfect solution for your program, so you get the most out of the space available. To learn more about our services or to talk to an expert, give us a call at 800-257-6405 or message us on our contact page.