When used conscientiously and with taste, wall graphics can amp up a crowd or inspire the passerby. And while they may always add to the ambiance of your athletic facility, there are plenty of ways to maximise their vibe-enhancing prowess.

Luckily, doing so is relatively simple to understand. It’s as easy as taking placement into account!

Showcase Your Wall Decals Like Art

Because wall decals from Fieldwallpads.com are peel-and-stick, they can be applied nearly anywhere in your facility. Indeed the sky—or should we say your ceiling—is the limit!

However, viewing them like a prized painting that you want all to see goes a long way towards boosting their brand-bolstering effects. Stadium graphics are intended to catch the eye and demand attention, so give them the proper spotlight-worthy position and let them shine!

Place Them Where People Congregate

Avoid falling back on wall murals as a way to take up blank space in undecorated, traffic-free areas. Your design flub will be obvious, and your wall decals won’t get the attention they deserve.

Instead, take a look at people-heavy places in your facility and consider if they could better be of use there. The more bodies there are, the more customers and athletes can get pumped up by your wall murals’ fiery designs, after all!

Make Sure They’re Visible to All

Go figure! You might be thinking. Yes, this does seem a little obvious—but placing wall murals in universal view requires a bit more consideration when the word all is emphasized.

Children, for example, might have a very different view of your stadium from their grown-up counterparts, and they still make up a portion of your sales, as their parents might bring them with on gameday. If you want to make the most of your wall decals, ensure all kinds of people can see them and experience the excitement they generate, not just your initial mental image of a fan.

Make Them the Center of Attention

Within reason, of course—there’s a lot going on visually in most facilities, and the centerstage should, of course, always go to the athletes. However, if you’ve already got, say, plenty of branded athletic padding drawing your attendees’ eyes, you might save your wall murals for an area that doesn’t yet have a visual focal point.

Fieldwallpads.com Has Everything You Need for a Branding Bonanza

From decorated athletic padding to window decals and more, we’re your singular source for all the bells and whistles your athletic facility needs to keep your players safe, your fans inspired, and your profits high. With questions about our products, give our Clarion office a call today at 800-257-6405.