At the heart of wall padding design is an institution’s identity. Various images and levels of identity and branding can be printed on wall padding including logos, team colors, mascots, or even sponsors and advertisements. All of these play a part in establishing a team or school’s brand.


Branding and identity strategies are often used to influence administration, faculty, students, fans, and the organization’s community. Branding has an impact on the institution that connects with people on various emotional, social, and psychological levels.

Where to Start with Impact Branding

Whether you are just starting to create your organization’s identity or need to revamp your brand, you will start by asking three basic questions that define your image:

1.    Who Are We?

This is the most basic branding question that gets to the heart of your team’s identity. After all, if you don’t know who you are, then you can’t sell it, and you can’t put it on a wall pad. Team culture happens organically when players and fans develop a sense of who they are and why they chose your organization. Team branding capitalizes on that culture and projects in a way that is meaningful to everyone connected to the culture. So, you can only brand what you can identify. It starts by identifying who you are.

2.    What Are Our Values?

Ask yourself the following questions:


●        What does your organization stand for?

●        What are your values?

●        How do you implement those values in your branding?

●        How can you create those values on your wall padding design?


Incorporating values into your program lets people know that you stand for something and that your organization exists for a purpose. People can get on board with what you are doing and where you are heading.

3.    What Is Our Mission?

George Harrison said it best:


“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.”


Therefore, it is imperative that everyone understands your organization’ mission. Schools and pro teams spend great amounts of time and energy (and sometimes money) to come up with the perfect mission statement. Sometimes, it comes down to a motto. Sometimes, it’s a well-thought out paragraph. Regardless, the mission statement can be seen, heard, and felt everywhere. It tells everyone that you have a dream, a goal, or vision and that you have a clearly defined road map to reach it.


It is also evident in all of your branding strategies. Branding is how you communicate your mission. What does your branding design on your wall pads say about your organization’s mission? Offers Wall Padding Design can help your college or professional team establish your brand through our amazing wall padding products. To find out more about our products or schedule a consultation, call us at 800-257-6406. You can also message us on our contact page.