The slush is gone on the outdoor fields, and that familiar itch is probably in the air: Spring baseball is in full swing!

With its tension-filled scoring system and lots of movement, baseball has rendered itself a huge money-maker for college and professional venues alike, which is all the more reason to be concerned about the safety of your star players.

Invest in Stadium Wall Padding

Baseball is a no-contact sport, but that doesn’t mean players aren’t liable to crash into inanimate objects! When an athlete is so focused on making that left-field catch or watching the ball after throwing it, it’s easy to forget to keep an eye on their feet!

That’s why if you want to ensure safety this spring for your baseball players – especially if you’re planning on hosting playoffs later on – you need top-notch athletic padding from While running into a hard wall can be embarrassing for your athletes, the bigger issue is that concussive injury is no joke, as anyone in a contact sport attests to.

Learn More About the Dangers of Concussive Injury

You don’t need to be in a football league to fully understand the damage non-padded walls can cause. Check out What Happens When You Hit a Wall With No Padding? for more info.

Do a Daily Inspection of the Field

Keeping your players safe not only involves having the appropriate padding in place to avoid critical injuries, but it also means regular inspections. It's crucial that you walk around the entire field before and after the games to help you see if any hazards have developed, like holes, lips, or standing water, to help you pinpoint problem areas and resolve them quickly.

Regularly Rake & Drag the Field

Staying on top of field maintenance will keep your team safer and help them perform optimally. This means dragging and raking after every use and paying extra attention to the grass edges so lips don't form and risk injury to your players.

Fill in any low spots with loose material to help avoid pockets of water, and always take your time to ensure accuracy.

Remove Standing Water Right Away

Wet fields are a leading cause of player injury, and water can accumulate quickly, especially if there are divots in the field. While pushing it into the grass might be tempting, you want to avoid this. Pulling or raking any puddles into the field can kill the turf and create a soggy playing area, reducing player performance.

Using a sump pump or pedal pillows is recommended if you find puddles. After the site is dry, complete another rake and drag for a professional finish.

Don’t Forget to Pad the Poles!

Walls aren’t the only cause of concussive injury on the field! Any wayward pole – like one that’s part of the fencing that keeps viewers safely away from the action or one that makes up your dugout – can be just as guilty.

Your players obviously are moving all around the field, and when they do so, their entire focus should be on strategizing, throwing, catching, tagging, and hustling. When you put an unpadded pole into play, it not only can similarly lead to the concussive injury spoken of above, but it also takes away from your players’ game!

So much goes on in the mind of a skilled baseball player, as it should; don’t let the potential of injury distract them. Purchase pole pads or dugout rail pads from today and grant your players the safety and peace of mind they need to dominate the bases. Is Your #1 Resource for a Safe Season

We stock high-quality sports padding that’s eye-catching and fit for various uses, and we’re pretty darn good at delivering results – just ask all our satisfied outdoor wall padding customers!

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