As a team owner or school official, keeping your athletes and opposing athletes safe during athletic competitions is your top priority. If you’re new to the job, you may not realize how important it is to equip your facilities with safety features or maintain your current safety products. Even the slightest flaw or damage in your safety products can cause your athletes, fans, and referees in the wrong spot at the wrong time to get hit and also suffer a potentially serious injury. While wall padding and other safety products don’t prevent all injuries, they significantly lessen the probability of suffering a severe injury. But what really happens when you crash into a wall? Here, our design and safety experts at will discuss the potential harm that can come to your athletes if there are no protective barriers.

Common Sports Injuries in All Sports

As you’re planning the design and layout of your athletic facilities, you need to take into consideration the sports that will be played in each facility. Some sports, like basketball and football, are more contact sports than say volleyball or baseball. With this in mind, you need to do a full analysis of your facility and locate all areas that could prove to be dangerous in the chance of a collision. Common injuries among athletes in high-contact sports include:

●        Concussions

●        Broken bones

●        Sprained joints and ligaments

●        Torn muscles, ligaments, and tendons

●        And more

Even if a collision doesn’t cause a serious injury, it could be the cause of a minor injury that leads to a more severe injury down the road. While these injuries can still happen if you invest in the proper safety equipment, the chances are significantly lower.

What Safety Products Should You Invest in?

While the safety products you invest in are ultimately determined by the sports you’re preparing for, you should still analyze the entirety of your athletic facilities to determine any potential dangerous spots. For sports like basketball and football, which are high-contact, you should invest in our wall pads, for either indoor or outdoor facilities. Additionally, if you have any columns or poles in your gym or arena, you need to invest in post padding to ensure any collisions with those are not harmful. We also offer wall padding for chain link and other types of fences, which are useful around track and field arenas, football fields, baseball and softball diamonds, and other facilities. We also carry products to protect athletes and fans from harm in collisions with the bleachers or other learn more about our products, contact us today.

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