Baseball is a no-contact sport for the most part—teams don’t fight for the ball as do football players. But that doesn’t mean there’s no potential for concussive injury! Indeed, when running, jumping, and aiming the ball, it’s all too easy to run into the walls of the stadium; you’ve probably seen videos of amazing pop flies caught in that way, or even witnessed an instance yourself!

It’s thus crucial that you protect your baseball team from the very real risk of harm that your stadium walls and similar structures pose, and is here to help. Below, we’ll discuss a few of the types of athletic padding your stadium needs to host games safely.

Rail and Post Padding

Requirements for stadium padding for college teams usually are quite lenient, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on the details. Padding the poles that make up your field’s surrounding fencing, though it’s not as flashy as bigger, branded sports venue padding, makes a huge difference in how confident your players are and how safe they can be on the field.

When even fence posts are padded, your team will show no fear in leaping for fly balls or chasing after strong hits at full speed. They know they’re protected, and that conviction will show in the gutsiness of their plays.

Dugout Padding

A baseball field’s dugout is, in a way, a place of respite. It’s the only space where a player can take a breather or watch their teammates on the field. Neglect to pad it and you’re taking away the safety of a space that’s supposed to be one of the safest on the field!

Just like rail and post padding, when you invest in sports venue padding for your dugout, you’re giving all teammates the safe space they need to play at their boldest—and as a bonus, you’ll make it a secure space for those in waiting, too.

Backstop Padding

Your backstop protects the area behind home plate from wayward pitches and hits—which, of course, are liable to happen at any level. By using specially made outdoor wall padding for your backstop, you boost the level of protection it provides, as well as prolong its lifespan. Providers of Top-Quality Sports Padding

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