It’s the season of the great American sport, of muddy outfields and grooming the diamond. In other words: get ready for baseball! This springtime sport is beloved by spectators and participants alike, and you’re no doubt feeling the thrill as your team takes their hard-earned skills to game day.

All the excitement aside, baseball poses its fair share of safety hazards that coaches and athletic professionals must do their part to eliminate. Learn how to keep your top-notch athletes safe on the field this season below, courtesy of, your Clarion gym pad and wall decal providers.

Proper Padding Is Paramount

As it is for any sport, of course—but for baseball in particular. We’ve all watched pro games wherein an outfielder throws themself pell-mell into a wall just to catch a ball. That, and spring rains bring with them slick conditions, and while you might do your best to provide a safe space to play or keep teams off the grass until it dries, unless you’re hosting a game indoors, there’s only so much you can do.

That’s why, even though baseball isn’t a contact sport per se, you need to make sure your team’s practice and game areas are properly padded and ready for action. Top-notch outdoor wall padding and stadium padding keeps your athletes from suffering concussive injuries, allowing them to give it their all.

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Tame That Turf

Entire college degrees exist that solely focus on turf maintenance, and for good reason: one uneven spot can lead to an athlete injuring themselves. Turf maintenance must be a rigorous and ongoing practice if you want to keep the space both lush and safe.

For instance, it’s recommended never to play on wet turf as much as you can help it, as per this article from Penn State. Not only does doing so compact the soil, but it also can lead to divots, increasing your liability and the likelihood someone will trip.

Save Time for Stretching

As with any sport, warming up the muscles is critical for preventing injury, but it’s all too often forgotten in the heat of the moment with a game on the immediate horizon. Ensure your athletes settle into a comprehensive stretching routine to keep them safe on the playing field. All Your Field Safety Needs, Satisfied

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