Just as important as investing in the highest quality safety products on the market is maintaining these products, so they last for the desired lifespan and protect your athletes and fans. At Fieldwallpads.com, we have been making the best safety and design products on the market for over 30 years, and we continually do our own research to ensure we are constantly improving to provide you with the absolute best. With our services, we also take pride in helping our clients maintain the products we sell them to ensure they work best for everyone. Here, we will discuss how to maintain our products, our outdoor wall pads in particular, so you can ensure they last for you.

Treatment For Sunlight

One of the most important factors you need to consider when investing in outdoor wall pads is how you will keep them protected from the weather and the sunlight. The sunlight, in particular, can be difficult because, unlike the weather, you can’t simply cover the products to protect them from wind or hail when you’re not playing. When you have a game or event, your wall pads are going to be visible to everyone, and you can’t protect them with a cover during a game. When you are searching for the right outdoor wall padding for your facility, you should look into products that are UV resistant and can be maintained to continually have that resistance for years. At Fieldwallpads.com, we make outdoor wall pads with a thicker type of vinyl designed to withstand light. Additionally, they are treated for UV resistance and can continue to be treated over the years. If you don’t treat your stadium wall pads, they will fade, and you will have to continually replace them, which can cost you a great deal over time.

Treatment For Everyday Wear and Tear

Our wall pads are designed to withstand high rates of impact over long periods of time. However, it is still crucial you regularly check on your padding to ensure it was not damaged in a collision or in a freak incident due to the weather. Between competitions, you should check your outdoor stadium padding for wear and tear. If there are small blemishes to your wall pads, that is typically okay, but if there are large damages, you need to repair or replace the damaged areas immediately. If you don’t, your athletes could be injured in a collision with these surfaces. There are simple repairs you can make to the surfaces of your wall pads if you need to on your own, but after the season, you should have one of our professionals come to take a look, so we can ensure you get the safest products possible. Retaining a maintenance schedule and checking for everyday wear and tear can make all the difference if one of your products was damaged without you knowing. By being prepared, you can create an alternate solution until you can get the needed repairs.

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Investing in state-of-the-art protective equipment is one thing, but maintaining it, so it can continue to protect your athletes is critical. At Fieldwallpads.com, we have been designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing our products for over 30 years to ensure the safety of your athletes and fans. To learn more about our high-quality products or request a quote, give us a call at 800-257-6405 or message us on our contact page today.