Working in a collegiate or professional sports world, you know that advertising and sponsorships are some of your primary sources of income. Therefore, it’s important to include logos for these sponsors anywhere you can. Sponsorships are often most visible in and around the athletic facilities, where scores of people will see them. For this reason, you should include your various sponsorships on your field wall pads. At, our team handcrafts each wall pad to ensure it reaches our safety and quality standards. We will ensure you have superb wall pads with excellent graphics so advertisers will be fighting over the chance to be on your padding.

Optimal Sponsorship Positioning

In big-time sports, such as high-profile professional and collegiate games, companies pay hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars for prime TV advertising slots. For normal national advertising slots on TV, companies typically pay anywhere from a quarter of a million to $1 million for a 30-second advertising slot. However, if there is a big game, such as the NFL’s Big Game or collegiate national championship, the price of that 30-second TV slot could increase to $5 million. Many studies have shown that the audience reached during high-profile events can get companies 20 times more exposure or more.


Displaying your team or organization’s sponsorships prominently throughout your facilities could have the same effect as national TV slots. While custom graphics on your wall pads will not get you the same exposure as national TV slots, they still allow your advertisers to reach a broader audience than they would have otherwise. Additionally, because wall pads are front and center, while others are more discreetly placed along dugout railings and fences, you can create pricing tiers and place higher-paying advertisers front and center, while you can place lower-paying advertisers elsewhere.

Advertising Can Pay For the Padding

No matter the budget for you athletic facilities this year, you have to have wall padding that meets every safety standard, so your athletes are less likely to be injured in a collision. Additionally, having state-of-the-art wall padding does not need to be expensive. While you are investing in the safety of your athletes and fans, you can also sell advertisements to be placed on your wall pads. These alone should pay for the cost of your enhanced safety features.

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When you come to our expert team at, our team will work with you to ensure our products meet your needs. We can customize any wall pad to ensure it has the safety requirements you need for your facilities, as well as the images, text, and colors you want on there for advertising and school pride. Since opening for business, we have helped schools and organizations around the country increase fan awareness and improve the safety of their facilities for their athletes.


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