Last month on our stadium padding blog, we touched on “How to Get School Sponsorships—” a topic pertinent to your athletic program’s success if there ever was one. But these sponsorships aren’t just one-and-done deals; they’re working relationships that require consistent input from both sides if they are to be successful for both parties.

This means that your school best put effort into maintaining sponsors if you want them to stick around and continue to fund your programs!, your Clarion provider of athletic padding and more, has a few tips on how to do just that below.

Pick the Right Sponsors in the First Place

If your athletic facility needs a lot of funding, it can seem like the most logical course of action to accept any source of sponsor income that comes your way. But be careful! If the sponsor’s mission as a company doesn’t align with that of your brand or your school, things can rapidly go downhill in the form of negative PR.

Again, a corporate partnership is a partnership, not just a way to get funding. To give yourself the best chance of maintaining that partnership, make sure that both parties are on the same page when it comes to values before you make anything official.

Figure Out What They Want and Give it to Them

Sounds obvious, right? You want your activities funded, and they want the potent advertisement that comes with sponsoring athletic events. But what that advertisement looks like is specific to each sponsor—each one has different demographics that they hope to interact with, for example, alongside a separate brand image they hope to promote.

Do your best to personalize their sponsorship experience, and your care will show that you prioritize making the situation a mutually beneficial one. Few things work better than conscientiousness when it comes to keeping sponsors around.

Keep Them Looking Good

Just like your facility, the physical items that represent your corporate partnerships—outdoor wall padding and wall decals, for instance—have to be kept clean, bright, and worthy of a game day at all times. Dusty or dilapidated brand representations send the message to fans and companies alike that you take the money given to you for granted.

That’s the opposite of conscientiousness, and few things will lose a sponsor quicker.

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