To give your athletes the best play facilities possible while also giving your fans the best experience possible, it is crucial to maintain your athletic facilities and playing surfaces. While the main show takes place on the field of play, important events happen on the sidelines, in the endzones, and on the baselines. The sidelines play host to the coaches, cheerleaders, medical crews, camera crews, media, and more. If those areas are not well-maintained, it may be difficult to build a strong fan base and increase awareness for your programs. Here, our experts at will discuss why it’s important to maintain all aspects of your facilities.

How We Can Help

While we cannot maintain your playing surfaces for you, our team can help you beautify the surrounding areas. Your staff has to have the skills and tools available to continuously repair damages to fields and other playing areas to maintain the safety of your athletes and fans, while our professionals have the expertise to maintain safety features. Our team can consult to help you upgrade or maintain your wall padding and other custom athletic facility enhancements.

Customized Wall Padding

Though you may not realize it, wall pads are vital to the safety of anyone in the vicinity of your playing fields. In fact, we have revolutionized the safety features in wall padding. Through several studies, our wall pads are proven to absorb more impact and create a safer environment where injuries are reduced.


We can also customize your wall pads to have your unique logos, texts, mascots, and more on them. These designs will improve your facilities and help you maintain the atmosphere within. Wall padding of any kind can be placed in gyms, on fences, benches, bleachers, and more. For each customer, we come to your facility to get accurate specifications before handcrafting your wall pads.


Another way to maintain your facilities and enhance the atmosphere within is to add customized banners. We can create championship banners for your facility to display records, championship seasons, and more. These banners are an easy way to show pride in your organization and increase fan awareness.

Step Graphics

Customized Step graphics are another great way to enhance your athletic facilities. Our team can create custom graphics for the steps in your stadium or arena that will enhance the design and atmosphere of the structure. We will work exclusively with your organization to ensure our products work exactly how you need them to. In addition to wall pads, banners, and step graphics, we can also provide you with wall graphics and more.

Contact Today

If you are looking for a team of professionals to enhance the safety and look of your athletic facilities, our team at can help you find what you need. Our handcrafted, customized products are proven to limit injuries and increase brand awareness at your facility. To learn more about our products and services, give us a call at 800-257-6405 or message us on our contact page today.