Keeping your school or organization’s athletic facilities maintained and up-to-date may seem like an easy task, but there is a great deal of work that goes in behind the scenes. This work results in high-quality, safe playing surfaces and facilities. However, the person in charge of this maintenance, whether it is an administrator, coach, or groundskeeper, knows the long hours and detailed work that goes into proper maintenance. People who are new to this industry may not understand how much work goes into maintaining playing fields, especially baseball and softball fields. At, our products are used in thousands of facilities across the country, and we know how much work it takes to maintain these properties. Here, we will discuss some things to keep in mind when maintaining your baseball and softball fields.

Use Certified Field Conditioner | By investing in a quality brand’s field conditioner, not only can you improve your field and playing surface on a day-to-day basis, but you can also help minimize the damage when there is extreme weather. With field conditioner, soil compaction is increased, and it is less likely you will have rainouts unless the weather is too severe.

Level Your Field | Before every season starts, you should level your field. By doing this, you can ensure that the playing surface is flat to begin the year and will not cause water to pool in certain areas, which can cause extreme damage that may prevent you from playing at your home field. To maintain your fields during the season when you cannot level them, you should use tools like drying agents, rakes, and puddle sponges to absorb water.

Invest In Safety Features | At, we conduct our own research to constantly reach new levels of safety. Our products have the highest safety ratings, and with our individual research, we are continually setting the industry standard. When you are in charge of maintaining a baseball or softball field, you need to ensure there is proper safety equipment throughout the field. This can be anything from backstop padding to dugout rail padding to wall padding. No matter what part of your field you want to be covered for your athletes’ safety, we can help.

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