Keeping your school or organization's athletic facilities maintained and up-to-date may seem easy, but a great deal of work goes in behind the scenes. This work results in high-quality, safe playing surfaces and facilities. 

However, the person in charge of this maintenance, whether an administrator, coach, or groundskeeper, knows the long hours and detailed work that go into proper maintenance. People new to this industry may not understand how much work goes into maintaining playing fields, especially baseball and softball. 

At, our products are used in thousands of facilities across the country, and we know how much work it takes to maintain these properties. Here, we will discuss some things to keep in mind when maintaining your baseball and softball fields.

Start With Field Safety

Maintaining your baseball and softball fields requires careful planning and consistent work before and throughout the season. Here’s what helps ensure healthy turf, dry clay, and safety for all players. 

Reference the Checklist

The Foundation for Safer Athletic Fields has compiled a detailed field safety and maintenance kit that is very useful when managing a facility. It covers a variety of topics, such as playing surfaces, turf, fencing, padding, when facilities need to be checked, and more. 

Use Field Conditioner

By investing in a quality brand's field conditioner, you can improve your field and playing surface on a day-to-day basis and help minimize the damage caused by extreme weather. 

With a field conditioner, soil compaction is increased, and it is less likely you will have rainouts unless the weather is too severe, allowing athletes from both organizations to compete at their highest level.

Dry Fields

Ensuring the sand or clay on your playing surface is dry is one of the hardest aspects of maintaining a facility. The weather is unpredictable, and maintaining the baseball or softball facility grounds is crucial to player safety. 

Puddle sponges, drying agents, and raking can help in the short term, but re-leveling the field yearly is the most permanent solution. 

Test Turf & Soil

Maintaining a healthy-looking field is difficult, but there are many things you can do to ensure your facilities are taken care of. Buying a soil probe is an easy way to maintain the soil. 

Using the probe at various spots around the field, you can check compaction, moisture, root growth, and more and adjust your maintenance schedule accordingly.

Invest in Proper Safety Features

With our own independent research, has created the most durable protective padding options for a variety of facilities. Evaluating your facilities and ensuring areas that present a high chance of injury are padded is essential for the safety of all athletes and fans

Evolve Constantly 

Safety standards and facilities are constantly changing. To maintain your facility, you need to check standards regularly to ensure you're following protocol. You can learn more about proper groundskeeping techniques and standards through many online and in-person trainings.  

Want to Make Your Stadium Stand Out? 

Aside from grooming the diamond and field, adding the right touches can make your field pop with just the right padding

While most padding requirements are a little too relaxed, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in it. Padding areas, like the rails and poles, let you showcase your brand and team spirit. 

Dugouts and backstops are also prime areas to add personalized padding that shows off your pride, keeps all eyes on the pitch, and engages your fans!

How Can You Have a Safer Baseball Season? 

Custom padding can increase aesthetics, promote branding, drive revenue, and build team spirit, and, most importantly, it also keeps players safer. 

Even though baseball isn’t as aggressive as football, there is always a risk for injuries like concussions and broken bones as players make too hard of contact with a pitch or structure.

Our high-quality padding is made to take the impact, and we offer multiple products for the best protection for your players.

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