In sports across every level, from tee-ball to professional leagues, concussions have been and continue to be a relevant concern across the board. For years, we have been conducting our own research on our safety products to stay ahead of the curve and develop high-quality products that are proven to reduce injuries of all kinds, especially concussions. Though you may think of concussions occurring in more compact-driven sports, such as football, lacrosse, and basketball, they can also occur in other sports, like baseball and softball. Here, our safety experts at will discuss why you should invest in our products for your diamonds, as well as where you should install them at.

Why Should You Invest In Padding For Your Sports Facility

In baseball and softball, concussions happen more often than you might think. Though batters rarely get hit in the head by a pitch, it can happen, which can cause a concussion, despite the use of a helmet. Additionally, there can be collisions at the plate during a scoring play or on other bases. However, the vast majority of injuries in baseball and softball occur when a player collides with a surrounding structure while trying to make a play. For instance, if an infielder or catcher collides with the fence or backstop while trying to make a play in foul territory, they could get a concussion or other serious injury.

By investing in our high-quality, industry-leading wall padding solutions at, you can help protect your athletes. Our products are proven to reduce injuries, like concussions. The padding we offer is thick enough to absorb the impact without causing the athlete to bounce right off. As more research comes out about the adverse effects of concussions, the more work is being done to prevent them in any way possible. To learn more about how our products prevent concussions and the continuous work we are doing to improve our products, contact us today.

Where Should You Install These Products At?

At, we believe you should invest in our high-quality products and install them anywhere you think poses a risk for athlete safety. Though baseball and softball fields may not seem like they have too many areas that could cause a concussion or other injury, that is not the case. There may not be many areas of danger on the playing field itself, structures in foul territory, such as dugouts and their railings, as well as backstops, fencing, and more. At, we offer a variety of products to provide the ultimate protection for your athletes. Each of our products can be attached to any surface, whether it is brick, concrete, metal fencing, or something else. In our Iowa headquarters, we handcraft each of our products, so they exceed our safety standards, and meet your design needs. Some of the products we offer for baseball and softball diamonds to prevent concussions in collisions include:

●        Dugout Railing Padding

●        Outfield Wall Padding

●        Stadium Wall Padding

●        Backstop Padding

●        Post and Column Padding

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If you are looking for the highest quality safety products on the market for your baseball or softball diamond, contact today. For several decades, we have been providing customers across the country with our products and have seen injury rates go down. To learn more, give us a call at 800-257-6405 or message us on our contact page today.