So, should you advertise on your wall pads? The answer is yes, you should. 

Whether you oversee a college, university, or professional sports program, you can increase your revenue through sponsorships. Nowhere are those sponsorships more visible than on-field wall pads and other types of padding across your baseball/softball field, basketball gym, football field, or volleyball gym. 

As an organization that promotes athletic competition, you create a high level of visibility for your team and your organization and for companies that want to advertise through your venue. In fact, companies are leaping over each other to have the highest visible slot possible to heighten awareness of their products or services. 

This puts you in the perfect position to generate multiple revenue streams from local and national businesses who more than appreciate your business partnership.

Strategic Sponsorship Positioning

The average national TV ad costs anywhere from $250,000 to $1 million for a 30-second slot. That number drastically increases to the tune of $5 million for the same 30-second slot. Why is that? Because companies can get up to 20 times more exposure when 110 million people are tuned in to the biggest event in sports in America. 

Think about that same power of sponsorship positioning in your athletic facility. Chances are, your field wall pads are going to line up across your entire baseball or football field. However, some pads will have front-and-center positioning while others are located in less visible areas. This allows you to create multiple tiers of advertising pricing, where you charge higher rates for the most coveted and highly visible spots. 

This is a common practice that works for schools and organizations on all levels. 

Advertising Revenue Pays for Your Wall Padding

If your athletic budget is tight this year, but player safety is still a high priority, you can quickly raise funds or recoup your expenses by selling advertisements on your wall padding. They make perfect fundraising items because when you show that keeping your players safe is a priority, your community will likely rally behind you.

Whether you are fundraising or recouping your expenses from the wall pads, we can help you find the perfect field wall pads that stay within your budget without compromising player safety. We can also help you custom design and imprint the ads straight to your wall pads. 

Create Advertising Flexibility 

Sponsors come in all shapes and sizes and all sorts of budgets. Regardless of how much they can or can’t pay, money is money, so it benefits your facility to have a variety of ‘tiers’ that they can sell to advertisers. Higher-paying sponsors can get more in-demand real estate, while smaller partnerships can find a corresponding space.

Because wall pads are front and center, while others are more discreetly placed along dugout railings and fences, you can create these pricing tiers and put higher-paying advertisers front and center while lower-paying advertisers go elsewhere.

Add to the Game Experience 

Sure, you can and should have wallpads that represent your team or school. That’s why spectators are there, after all: to watch the game! But in today’s era, it’s quite common for stadiums to plaster themselves in brands or otherwise associate tightly with them, so common that it has become an integral part of attending large-scale games. Some, in fact, even sell naming privileges to sponsors!

The glamor, the excitement—where would that be without sponsor logos? Wall pads provide a huge opportunity to display these logos, thanks to their large size and flashy colors. When you invest in them, you’re actively investing in the game ambiance and, therefore, in your ticket sales and reputation.

Attract More Sponsors 

When you put sponsor logos on your sports venue padding, you’re not only letting your sponsors get advertising attention. You’re getting it, too—by advertising to other sponsors.

Let us explain: when you show off your sponsor’s brand, you’re sending the message to other potential sponsors that not only you’re open for a partnership but that you actively maintain the partnerships you have—provided, of course, that you’ve put in the work to do so that we’ve covered in our outdoor wall padding blog. You’re also showing off the type and caliber of brand that your team likes to be associated with, which in turn can show similar brands that the odds are good that you’ll accept a reasonable offer.

Though there are many other ways that you can attract sponsors (SocialTables covers a few of them here), wall pads play a critical and nuanced role.

Advertising Pays for More Improvements knows that the advertising landscape is rapidly changing, and with more than 6.4 billion people with smartphones, it makes it easier to deliver advertising to them. This means home and away games will be filled with photos of the players and the backdrop, helping you brand your messaging and increasing your advertising abilities. Whether you're new to it or revamping what you already have in place, there is more you can do to help your budget.

Advertising drives sales, and the more you display your ads to your fans, the more money you’ll make. The more money you make to help increase your athletics budget, the more you have to make additional improvements as time goes on. Offers Wall Padding Design can help your college or professional team establish your brand through our amazing wall padding products. Since we opened for business decades ago, we’ve been helping our customers better their brand awareness, designs, and overall satisfaction

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