Just last year, NPR released a report that one in five teens are suffering from concussions. At least six percent of teens are diagnosed with more than one sports-related concussion. The latest stats come in the wake of a ten-year controversy that has struck at the heart of several sports organizations that range from little leagues to the professional ranks.


Fieldwallpads.com provides a durable and safe solution for combatting concussions on the field.


The Effects of Direct Cranial Impact


Due to media attention and movies, concussions are often associated with football. Research, however, has revealed that concussions occur regularly in other sports.


For instance:


●        Baseball/softball: Baseball/softball injuries occur when players run into the outfield wall, backstop, dugout, or rails. They can also happen when a ball strikes a player in the head.


●        Basketball: It is not uncommon for basketball players to slam into the end walls while finishing a fast break or racing to grab the basketball. Wall pads are thick enough to absorb the impact and prevent a concussion.


●        Volleyball: One of the most common impact areas in volleyball is the poles. Players can easily fall or dive into a pole and suffer an impact that can cause a severe concussion.


How Wall Pads Prevent Concussions


We specially design wall pads to absorb and lessen the impact to the head. Since most concussions occur due to player movement, the pads are thick enough to handle bodily head-on collisions.


Field Pads: An Investment in Your Team’s Safety


In addition to safety, there are financial benefits to adding field wall pads to your sports complex.


For instance:


●        Field pads reduce the risk of a lawsuit against your organization.

●        Players will spend less money on medical expenses and insurance premiums.

●        Field pads create an opportunity for you to boost your organization’s brand.

●        You may show the community that you care for the safety of your players.


Make a Positive Impact with Field Pads


When you consider the physical strain that most sports have on the body, players need as much protection as they can to lessen the impact of running into a wall. Every day, more players suffer from concussions. You can provide a safer environment for athletes to compete.


Fieldwallpads.com specializes in designing safety pads for all types of sports including football, basketball, volleyball, and softball. We can custom create wall pads to suit your sports complex.


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