If you own a sports facility, you’re probably quite preoccupied with keeping your athletes safe with wall padding and similar equipment—but your guests deserve protection too! While they may only be spectating a contact sport, they’re at your facility to have a good time, not to worry about their wellbeing. Plus, taking care of them helps maintain your facility’s positive image as a caring, welcoming place to spend an afternoon.

One area that brings with it its fair share of guest safety hazards: the bleachers. When you add height to any equation, things necessarily get a little bit more intense—but Fieldwallpads.com is here to help. Below you’ll find just a few ways to make sure your bleachers stay as safe as can be.

Non-Skid Surfaces Are Your Friends

In an article presented by the insurance agency The Hanover, such footing is recommended to prevent slipping and falling—and we couldn’t agree more. No matter what your attendees’ primary demographic is, anyone of any age can slip and fall, whether the weather facilitates it or not. That being said, the elderly and young children are particularly prone to this sort of accident. While slips and falls don’t always result in dire consequences, there’s no better way to ruin a game for a guest or cause a disruption in the stands.

Most new bleachers will already be fully safety concern compliant. However, it still never hurts to check over the footing now and again, as it’s liable to wear down over time.

Regular Inspections Are Key

According to Markel, another insurance agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commision recommends that bleachers be inspected quarterly. Just like your facility maintenance minds its stadium padding, so too should it take care to make sure its bleachers have all their safety equipment in working order. The functionality of guardrails and end caps are particularly of note.

Consider Bleacher Curtains

It’s not just falling that can become a problem with bleachers; when their undersides are left unguarded, they become incredibly appealing places for children to play—as well as stumble, get hurt, or hide from their parents.

Branded bleacher safety curtains from Fieldwallpads.com provide a stylish way to keep guests away from the undersides of these structures, making for a more orderly and enjoyable game experience. Plus, because they can be printed with your facility’s logo, they do wonders to add to the ambiance!

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