Stadium seating is outside—obviously. So why would you need to cover it? Shouldn't it be well-designed enough to withstand the elements? Doesn't covering it take away from the appeal of a stadium that's wide open and ready for visitors?

We at know that you may have a few concerns about purchasing this athletic facility enhancement, and probably quite a few questions about why they're useful in the first place. As longtime pros in the sports facility industry, though, we know just how special these products are and how much of a massive improvement they can make to gameday. Below, we'll discuss just a few of the benefits of having such an enhancement in your stadium.

A Failsafe Method of Crowd Control

When you've got a section of your stadium down for maintenance, you need a quick way to partition your seating and designate it as 'not-currently-open.' Portable rope fences are cumbersome and can easily be stepped over. Paper signs are liable to be blown away or disregarded altogether. When the safety of your attendees and the longevity of your stadium are at stake, you can't afford to mess with such flimsy solutions!

Luckily, stadium seating covers can elegantly solve various crowd control problems. They fit like a glove over a given section of seating, making it quite difficult, if not impossible, to use it at any given time. Plus, there's no more prominent "off-limits" statement than obscuring a section of your stadium altogether!

Indeed, covering seats is such a great method of crowd control that the NFL used it as part of its Covid 19 precautions in 2020.

Seating Protection Where you Need it Most

Just like outdoor wall padding protects your athletes (and we touch on that in “How to Prevent Concussive Injury in Football Players”), seat covers protect your stadium. Wind, rain, sunlight, wayward balls—your seats have to put up with quite a bit, even if they aren’t currently being used. Investing in these covers can help cut down on the strains of everyday existence when it comes to your seating, prolonging its longevity and thus that of your stadium.

A Decorative Way to Protect Your Stadium

If you’re worried that your stadium seating will look dumpy when covered, fear not. understands the values of aesthetics when it comes to maintaining your facility’s brand, and that’s why we print premium stadium graphics onto our seating covers. Not only do they do wonders for crowd control, but they’re perfectly customized to your brand and logo—just like our stadium padding is. You’d expect no less from us, after all! The Best Branded Products for Your Sports Facility Around

From wall decals to athletic padding, we’ve got all the branded products you need to make your facility shine. Give our Clarion office a call today at 1-800-257-6405.