If you manage a rec center, know that your facility plays a critical role in your community. As a wholesome place for people to gather, for the community to host events, and for residents to work on becoming their best selves, rec centers are an irreplaceable part of towns, both large and small.

If funding is an issue for you, though, you may be stumped on how to continue improving your facility and giving your community the ever-increasing opportunities they need. Fieldwallpads.com, your Clarion provider of gym wall padding, wall graphics, and more, is here to help. Below, you’ll discover a few affordable ways that you can bump up your facility’s game.

Up Communication

The members of your rec center want to feel like they’re a part of something; why else would they have joined up? One of the best ways to give them that feeling is by opening up communication. Indeed, according to The Sports Facilities Companies, giving your members a platform to voice their opinions can “go a long way in making them feel valued.”

You can opt for expensive communication platforms if you have the money, but a more affordable solution is to make the most out of the ones you already have. Inform members where they can give feedback, be it online or through a pen-and-paper drop pox. Investing time into your social media accounts can also help.

Listen to Feedback

You’re only reaping half of the benefit of improving communication if you don’t, as a facility, actively listen to resident requests. Your rec center exists to serve the community, but you can’t know how best to do that if you don’t consider resident feedback during your attempts.

Of course, given funding, it’s impossible to honor every resident’s request in every circumstance—and that goes for all rec centers, not just those that are working within tight budget constraints. However, simply acknowledging in some way that you have heard feedback—say, in your newsletter—can help keep community members engaged.

Upgrade Your Facilities Physically (Within Reason)

Money is a real concern of countless rec centers, but the only way to rise above the competition of neighboring facilities is to stand out. Affordable decorations, such as isolated wall murals or window decals, can mean a lot to attendees if they’re reflective of the rec center’s values or what drove them to attend the given center in the first place.

Got Budget Worries? Fieldwallpads.com Is Happy to Work Within Them

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