Whether you’re a stadium, a small gym, or a community rec center, taking advantage of trends has its serious perks. Not only will it spiff up your interior and draw in the young, hip crowd, but if you play your cards right and invest in trends that turn timeless, you’ll be able to reap their benefits for years to come!

But properly implementing trends requires that you stay abreast of the market and what’s currently in vogue—and Fieldwallpads.com is here to help. Below, we’ll dive into what’s predicted to be hot in 2022 so that you can set your facility apart from the rest.

Open Floor Plans, Open Possibilities

In today’s cutthroat business environment, being able to provide facility patrons with a wide variety of athletic opportunities is more important than ever. By including all sorts of sports in a given space, you increase your potential pool of attendees. That’s why the sports facility industry is seeing a shift away from specialized spaces and towards bigger, brighter, more open general-use ones.

Contributing to this feeling of openness and potential is all-purpose flooring and a heavy reliance on natural light. Just be sure the products you buy, such as gym wall padding, can stand up to the constant UV exposure!

A Greater Focus on General Health

Sports facilities have always prioritized safety in the form of wall pads and the like. However, with the pandemic still fresh in many people’s minds, safety in the coming years is most likely going to be a top priority of attendees. If your athletic padding could use some sprucing up, now’s the time to do it; you’ll show people still on the fence about returning to your facility that you care about their wellbeing and are taking steps to ensure it.

Management teams will also most likely continue to implement stringent cleaning procedures to ensure post-Covid attendance momentum is maintained.

A Greater Awareness Of Head Trauma’s Effects

According to a 2015 article by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, “In the past few years… hundreds of millions of dollars have gone into improving diagnosis and treatment [of concussions], and there has been a flood of research addressing the very real and very visible public health concern of head trauma.”

While it’s evident from the date of this article that head trauma has been a concern for quite some time, it also continues to be so today—check out, for example, this 2021 article from Science Daily which brings into question common treatment protocol.

Indeed, head trauma is continuing to be recognized as the threat to public health that it is and thus researched. Gym pads, stadium padding, and more will show attendees that you’re aware of this and take steps to ensure their safety, making them more likely to trust you with their needs.

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