All sports facilities must contend and work with the sun – it’s just nature. From cooling the indoors to stave off the heat to welcoming its presence in the colder months, working with it is a critical part of smart facility management, as to ignore it welcomes in the near irreversible foe that is UV damage.

Care to prevent such damage should also be taken with your wall pads. While’s products are as hardy as they come, no athletic padding is immune to sun damage, and the more thoroughly they’re protected the longer and better they’ll serve your athletes. Read on for a few sun-busting tips below.

Buy Stadium Padding That’s UV Resistant

It seems like a no-brainer now that you’re reading this blog post, but it might not when it comes time to buy new gym wall padding, so make a mental note of the requirement now. UV resistance in padding often is a low priority of facility builders, usually being surpassed by brand adhesion or affordability, but take it from a provider of gym pads: all three can, and should, co-exist.

If you’re in the market to replace, check out’s line of stadium wall padding. We UV-treat any graphics, meaning that you’ll enjoy superior brightness and visual clarity for years to come.

Consider UV Window Films

Not even indoor sports venue padding is fully safe from the sun! Indeed, UV light still can find its way through your windows and wreak havoc upon your valuable, revenue-boosting wall pads. Luckily, there’s a simple product that remedys this: UV window films.

Completely clear and therefore invisible, these films stop damaging UV rays from entering your building while still allowing daylight inside to brighten up the space. With a variety of price points and functionalities on the market, they are a smart investment for any size of sport facility.

Use Architecture to Your Advantage

Certain spots in your facility are bound to be shadier than others, and while the number-one priority of wall pad placement is athlete safety, thinking critically about longevity-related concerns can help keep your wall pads out of the sun while also preventing uneven fading.

Consider shadier, more well-protected areas for more expensive investments, and use your facility’s design to fend off the sun’s rays naturally. Never Search for Branded Products Again

Wall pads, window decals, you name it—if it’s branded and made to celebrate your facility and its team, we provide it with pride. With questions about our products, give our Clarion office a call today at 1-800-257-6405.