The A-OK to break ground on a new athletic venue sure is exciting! Your mind is probably filled with images of grandeur—more space for the roaring crowds, luxurious accommodations for your players, and, of course, a much-needed boost in the number of snack bars. It’s all so thrilling to think about, sure, but don’t forget your athletic padding!

While it could be considered a relatively small part of your new facility, as far as budget is concerned, the importance of sports venue padding can’t be overstated, especially with contact-heavy pursuits like football. Given that it’s also a great way to build your brand, it’d be a shame not to take advantage of it. is here with a few ways to seamlessly work the stuff into your facility’s concept.

Consult Your Home Team’s Style Guide

Your stadium padding doesn’t need to stick out like a sore thumb; in fact, it can blend smoothly into its exciting aesthetic, oftentimes even enhancing it! Your team’s style guide will help you make that happen

This extensive document provides all the specific information a facility designer needs to create a unified venue that fits perfectly within a team’s brand. From official logo designs to colors specified to the hue, you’ll find all sorts of essential knowledge here—including shades and designs to use on your sports venue padding.

Follow the instructions there to a T and ensure your outdoor wall padding producer is on the same page and, design-wise, you’ll be golden.

Use Wall Pads to Gussy Up the Field

Of course, when your team is playing, the focus is on the athletes, but it’s still your job to create an exciting, good-looking space for them to strut their stuff. Work your wall padding into your facility by viewing it just as much as decor as you do a safety requirement. Not only will your field be something sweet to look at, but you’ll ensure that you have all the wall padding your players need to stay safe.

Take the Opportunity to Think Outside the Box

Sports padding is a versatile “medium,” so to speak; the options to what you can have printed on yours are nearly endless. Can you use them to pay homage to sponsors? Perhaps take a risk and deviate from the style guide by using a photograph instead? Being creative with what roles your athletic padding can play helps to make sure the needed pieces make it into your final concepts. Is Your Spot for All Sorts of Stadium Decor

From wall decals to branded pads, we’ve got everything your new stadium needs to shine. Give our Clarion office a call today at 1-800-257-6405.