Outdoor padding is a necessity for any school or professional stadium. Aside from protecting athletes from injury, it also serves as a wonderful method to boost your brand and craft a reputation for your team. However, many schools don’t think much about padding the rails to their outdoor facilities; they’re such a small detail that they fall under the shadow of the larger upgrades, like wall padding or stage padding. Sure, they might get padded at the end of the day, but it’s difficult

We at Fieldwallpads.com are here with a PSA: don’t forget about protective rail padding if you’re thinking about upgrading your facility! Below, we touch on the benefits of this small, but mighty, part of your padding and protective approaches.

Cover All Your Bases When it Comes to Preventing Injury

It’s not just wall padding that keeps your students safe; rail and post padding does the same thing! Go figure, you might be thinking, and yes, we admit it’s a little obvious—but it’s worth restating because when it comes to athlete safety, every detail counts.

You wouldn’t let your team go onto the field without properly-fitting equipment, and you shouldn’t let your athletes take the field without 100% protection from your stadium padding. Big swaths of coverage via outdoor wall padding are important, but so are the little details covered by rail and post padding. Only then can your athletes play at their best and safest.

Maximize Real Estate for Sponsors

In this day and age, getting sponsorships is paramount for the success of pretty much any athletic team—but those sponsorships often require something in return, such as their name mentioned in your facility. Popular teams often accrue a variety of such sponsorships and thus need large amounts of space to account for them. If the big pads are reserved for school logos and brand-boosting images, though, you can run out of space, so you’ll need to get creative.

Luckily, branded rail and post padding can help you squeeze the most space out of your facility, maximising sponsorship potential.

Create a Sleek and Polished Look

Exposed metal might be trendy in the interior design field, but when it comes to stadium padding that might be another story. Do away with that faceless industrial look and brighten up your stadium by padding your fences and poles. You’ll lend the space a much-needed spot of vibrancy.

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