As outdoor practices begin to move indoors and frost coats the grounds in the mornings, one thing’s becoming clear: the winter sports season is on its way. Though you’ve probably done your fair share of prepwork when it comes to your gyms before you opened them in the fall, they’re bound to see an uptick in use as colder weather sets in; are your facilities up to the challenge?, your Clarion provider of wall decals and gym wall padding, has everything you need to get your facilities ship-shape in time for winter sports—including a brief post of reminders to help you get started.

Check Your Sports Padding and Other Safety Features

Again, no doubt you did this before the fall season, but again, your facilities have undergone their fair share of use this season—and, perhaps, abuse. A quick visual inspection will let you know if your current safety products are working or if you’ll need to invest in new ones for the safety of incoming winter athletes.

For example, is your stadium padding torn? Are your bleacher enclosures hanging on by a thread? Is your no-slip flooring becoming somewhat semi-slip? The well-being of your athletes is paramount to their performance and your school’s reputation; don’t let a simple slip-up in safety equipment lead to detriment.

After all, the National Center for Education Statistics says, in respect to maintaining school facilities and grounds: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Assess Cosmetic Concerns

Sure, those wall pads may be functional—but the digital print of your mascot is starting to look a tad ratty, and maybe the colors are getting a bit faded otherwise. Consider replacing old equipment on a running, seasonal basis instead of all at once. Not only will you prevent a maintenance crisis and an entire shutdown of your facilities, but you’ll also keep things looking much tidier and brighter. Before the winter season is as good a time to start this as any!

Consider a Seasonal Cleaning

Winter is cold and flu season, and a filthy gym is a great breeding ground for bacteria. Especially if the space is used for contact sports, consider upping your janitorial services this time of year to get a head start on keeping things pristine. For Quality Custom Branded Wall Padding and More

In today’s competitive educational environment, a healthy, targeted approach to your image with specially made products is more important than ever. Set your school ahead with—give our Clarion office a call today at 1-800-257-6405.